“Well, it’s amateur night at the pub.”  That’s what my dad always said when people didn’t know how to drink or just couldn’t hold their liquor.  My dad was a proud Irishman and could drink anyone under the bar…and still seem totally sober.  He sat on the same bar stool in the same bar every… Read More Amateurs

The Pavilion

Heart Homes and Aphrodite present the “White Roses” Romantic Couple Set!  There is a PG and  Adult version (whoot) and includes everything you see….the pavilion, fireplace, champagne, romantic rug with rose petals and a vase full of roses.  The set is currently available at Room 69.  The pg version is L569 and the adult version is L769.   There’s… Read More The Pavilion

Arabian Nights

I may have mentioned in the past that I spent 3 weeks in Morocco a couple of summers ago with some girlfriends and my daughter as a present for her recent graduation.  Beautiful place…beautiful people….smelly camels…and more Mercedes than you can shake a stick at…old ones…but still.  The food and the jewelry were my favorite parts.  I… Read More Arabian Nights