And you’re the one, there’s no-one else
who makes me want to lose myself
In the mysterious distance
Between a man and a woman

The soul needs beauty for a soul mate
When the soul wants…the soul waits …

A Man and a Woman – U2


::Axix:: Dalisha Crown Pink Spring RARE @ FGC
ieQED @ Shiny Shabby
.Enfant Terrible. Rosalies Corset Floral XS @ TLC
Exposeur – Corsets Canvas Art Prints  @ TLC
Exposeur – Corset Lamp – White  @ TLC
Exposeur – Ashley Loops Chair – Neutral  @ TLC
[ zerkalo ] Room Despair  @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement – Zerkalo – 03 pose  @ TLC
-Belleza- Celeste TLC Med # 4 br. skin @ TLC

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