The Cheshire Cat

“Curiouser and curiouser!”
Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland
best. photo. bomb. ever.

Perfect example of what happens when you fall asleep and leave the avie on. (my running commentary in parenthesis)

[10:11] Roxi Firanelli blows big wet kisses (to an afk Darth who is foolishly sitting on the edge of a platform 1,000 meters up)[10:20] Roxi Firanelli: Can I safely assume Darth is sleeping?  (says the Cheshire cat to Cinder)
[10:20] Roxi Firanelli: Which is a shame since he is sitting right on the edge of his platform  (really, he was asking for it)
[10:21] Cinder Gothly: Push him!   (see….even Cinder thinks so!)

Since Darth was sitting on a chair I couldn’t actually push him….dammit…but I have his edit rights (big evil laugh inserted here) so I proceeded to drag him down to the ground (1,000 meters…took at least 5 minutes) and plunk him in the water.  I was going to call it a day there but then remembered the Cheshire cat outfit from Boudoir and a thought started to form……
[11:35] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): missing a butt plug  (1st thing he said after he woke up…not weird at ALLLL)
[11:35] Roxi Firanelli: no butts in view
[11:37] Roxi Firanelli: where do you think you left it? (cause obviously he lost his and it wasn’t in the obvious.. errr.. place)
[11:37] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): mhm…ima kill you! (that exact moment when you focus on yourself and there’s a red wig on your head)
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: but you look good in red! (well, interesting at least)
[11:38] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): I look good in anything! (no ego problem here)
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: photo
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: bomb
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: of
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: the
[11:38] Roxi Firanelli: year

The Cheshire Cat

[11:39] Jarath Goldrozen: it wasn’t me  (it sooo was)
[11:39] Roxi Firanelli: was too!  (see!?)
[11:39] Roxi Firanelli: and Cinder
[11:39] Roxi Firanelli: it was Cinder’s idea!  (very true…points to her im above)
[11:40] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): mhm
[11:40] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): omg..wth
[11:40] Roxi Firanelli: hmmmm?
[11:41] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): you had all kinds of shit out!
[11:42] Roxi Firanelli: not so much
[11:42] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): Jarath how could you let this happen! (right!?)
[11:42] Roxi Firanelli: ohhh he ran  (why would an innocent guy run hmmmmm??)
[11:42] Roxi Firanelli: something about taking the dog out
[11:50] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): everyone has gone mad
[11:50] Roxi Firanelli: thats what the sign said
[11:50] Jarath Goldrozen: like I could stop it?  (true that)
[11:50] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): ya betta have fixed my head daym it (again with the ego)
[11:51] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): omg you could have!
[11:51] Roxi Firanelli: he was too busy laughing to attempt to stop me
[11:51] Jarath Goldrozen: you sould have seen how mad the caterpillar was
[11:51] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): mhm..and no one came to my rescue!
[11:52] Roxi Firanelli: I was here!
[11:52] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): mhm
[11:53] Roxi Firanelli: “somebody” said to leave you over the edge at 1,00 m, so when you got up you’d fall (Jarath)
[11:53] Roxi Firanelli: but did I let that happen?
[11:53] Roxi Firanelli: noooooooooooo
[11:53] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): omg could you!
[11:53] Roxi Firanelli: I gently lowered you the entire 1,000 meters
[11:53] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): it didnt…you just put a red wig on me
[11:54] Roxi Firanelli: with a cool hat!  (It IS a cool hat!!)
[11:54] Darth Kline (ropedick Resident): mhmmm
[11:54] Roxi Firanelli: and you were holding a bunny! Everybody loves bunnies! (well they do!)

Lessons learned people….lessons learned…..

Worn by the Cheshire Cat (AKA Roxi the photo bomber)
Boudoir Cheshire Cat outfit w/hair
Belleza– Celeste TLC med #5 br. skin @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement Natacha pose

Worn by the Mad Hatter (AKA Darth the photo bombee)
Boudoir Madhatter Hat with Hair (came with an outfit, I didn’t think Darth would appreciate the dress)
Fatewear Suit – Willard in Void
L&B Dress Shoe Wingtip Fatpack w/ HUD
[Deadwool] Fermo watch
Izzie’s – Special bracelet
-Entente- King ring
Boudoir – Mad hatter rabbit
Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair

The Scene of the bombing:
Boudoir – Alice roses
Boudoir – Alice quote #3
Alice in Wonderland Hookah Smoking Caterpillar – The Elegant Goth
Le*o+o fuwafuwa Alice bottle (no longer available)
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole

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