The Wait

Some more Aphorism….and back in a girl avie :). I’ve seen countless pictures of the Inanna dress, with and without coat,  in Flick’r and blogs, all from the front….so I wanted to do a back shot….cause dayam…look how stunning it is from the back!   Inanna is a beautiful, romantic dress that comes in 3 different prints…vine, flower and wild flower….each in an array of colors.  The rare of the gacha is a gorgeous coat that fits perfectly over the dress with a windswept look, available in 3 colors, peacock, ebony and ivory.  All currently in a gacha machine till the close of day on March 15th at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

The equally romantic Shabby hair from Tableau Vivant looks perfect with the dress and can be found at the Shiny Shabby event….good time to go, the crowds aren’t as crazy now ❤

Lastly, there’s my favorite tree again!  From Ravenghost, the Wishing Tree (complete with fabulous color change and leaf dropping options hud) is part of the MadPea Buried Interactive Adventure.  If you’ve never done a MadPea adventure, you owe it to yourself to do one!  You have to go to Raven’s store to get the hud for the adventure…then you’re on your way.  The prizes for completing the mystery await you at the end and will not disappoint…go now!

The Wait 1

!APHORISM! Inanna Dress – Wild Flower – White – XS @ FGC
~Tableau Vivant~ Shabby hair – Naturals I @ Shiny Shabby
Ravenghost Wishing Tree  *3D Wall Decor* (part of the MadPea Buried adventure)
Pixlights schooner off sim
Hayabusa Design Wind Field of Grass and Flowers M1 v1-1a tf7
Bauhaus Movement Zerkalo pose # 14 @ TLC

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