Less than a week away before We ❤ Role-Play ends for this month…..and what a month it’s been!  This may go down as one of my favorites…so many goodies to be found.  I may have 1 or 2 posts left in me but I wanted to make sure I got in the amazing dress from May’s Soul and the spectacular jewelry from Zibska…always interesting.  The staff from B&C and the head chain from ieQED just blended so well with everything…as did the pretty eyeshadow from Musa ❤

I had been to Shiny Shabby and bought the rings from ieQED and haven’t taken them off…so it was total coincidence that I have them rested right by the head chain ❤

Lastly….cause it’s pushing midnight here and I have to go back to work tomorrow (boooo), the newest hair style from Analog Dog, Carmella.  Long and wavy, pushed back on one side, just asking for trouble.  I love it ❤


AD – Carmella – light blondes NEW!!

May’s Soul – madonna dress xxs white @ We ❤ Role-Play
Zibska – Discordia ~ Necklace and earrings @ We ❤ Role-Play
ieQED niobe.head.chain.all@ We ❤ Role-Play
::B&C:: Triana Mage Staff @ We ❤ Role-Play
!Musa! Chocolat 1 eyeshadow @ We ❤ Role-Play

ieQED [MAITREYA – V2.1 25] @ Shiny Shabby

-Belleza- Celeste TLC Med # 4 br. skin @ TLC    (yep, still wearing it! ❤ )

Del May LoTd #1 NEW!

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