What do fairies dream of?

Budgies…who doesn’t love them?!  Cortez Brandriss of free bird came out with these budgies not too long ago and they are massively popular.  All you need is a cage to get started….and the best part is….wait for it….you don’t have to purchase food or water to keep them alive!  It’s all freeeeeee.  You tend your budgies at least once a week by clicking the cage…and if your not there, somebody else can do it for you.  Second best part….they don’t die…whoots!  The cage, budgie and accessories here are from the Origami event that just opened and is a gacha.  It’s a limited edition Sakura design  just for Origami…so don’t wait till after to get them in-store ❤

Almost everything else in the pic is from Boudoir.  The Spring Fairy outfit is one of my favorites…as well as the delicate wings from the Tinkerbell outfit.  The clover grass is new in-store and is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day ❤

The adorable braided pig tails are actually a free gift from Entwined Hair!  It’s available right at the front rezz in point at Shiny Shabby and comes with a hud full of all the different colors, not just a few basics like you would expect from a free gift.  The event closes on the 15th so don’t delay…there are actually several really awesome gifts at the entrance ❤

What do fairies dream of

[ free bird ] My Pet Budgie Cage – LE Sakura RARE @ origami till April 5th
[ free bird ] My Pet Budgie beaded swing toy – LE Sakura @ origami till April 5th
[ free bird ] My Pet Budgie Cuttlebone – LE Sakura @ origami till April 5th
[ free bird ] My Pet Budgie bird – LE Sakura @ origami till April 5th
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _  [Chloe] _ RARE @ The Arcade
[Entwined] Anna – free gift @ Shiny Shabby till March 15th
Boudoir Spring Fairy Floral headpiece, bra and panties
Boudoir Tinkerbell wings
Boudoir Clover grass – NEW!
*COCO*_Doll and Bodysuit (Black)

Del May Daydream sit pose



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