“Well, it’s amateur night at the pub.”  That’s what my dad always said when people didn’t know how to drink or just couldn’t hold their liquor.  My dad was a proud Irishman and could drink anyone under the bar…and still seem totally sober.  He sat on the same bar stool in the same bar every Friday after work.  When he retired, he just broadened his repertoire to 2 or 3 afternoons a week.  Same old guys talking about the same old thing.  .  During the summers or holidays, he’d take us with him to give my mom a break…so I grew up in a pub.  I’d say that’s totally legal since they served food…but honestly…my dad knew everybody and we’d have gotten in anyway.  Hell, people brought their dogs to that damn bar…why the Health Dept. never shut them down I can’t imagine.  It’s a traditional Irish bar, at least traditionally New Orleans like Irish, and they take their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations seriously…..which means they start a week early.  Any excuse for green beer….and food…lots of food.  Food on the bar, food on buffet tables by the bar, everything tinted green.  It’s a good thing people drank a lot, cause that’s pretty disgusting when you’re sober.  He was a regular there until two years ago, when at the ripe old age of 83 he had a massive stroke and passed away.  They gave my family the barstool.

Around that time, Darth had a bar on his sim…it was a gorgeous 1930’s era Chicago bar…and he had somebody make my dad a place-card and always had it sitting on a stool.  Where ever he had a barstool after that, he always saved a place for my dad.  It only seems right to have it in my picture…and all that Guinness would have made him so happy (although I have no doubt he’s sitting on a barstool in heaven waving a pint of Guinness around and arguing football and politics with some undeserving angel).


All this because St. Patrick’s is special to me…and Aphrodite has not only a fabulous Irish Pub out, but also all the St. Patrick’s decorations you can shake a stick at….everything but the drunk amateurs…so plan a party and decorate your place up right…make it byoda (bring your own drunk amateur)  ❤

Aphrodite Paddy`s Irish Pub  – Bar, stools, accessories and animations (lots of animations) @ Room 69 till the 20th!
Aphrodite “St Patricks” drinks table with accessories
Aphrodite “St Patricks” dessert table with accessories
Aphrodite St Patricks balloons bunch
Aphrodite natural clovers realistic arch
Aphrodite Clovers spread for floor
Boudoir Miss Leprechaun outfit with hat – NEW!!
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Taurus hair (without the jewel and horns) @ We ❤ Role-Play
Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark
::RA YA Design:: Drunk Girl 6
::RA YA Design:: Drunk Boy 1

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