Yet more kick ass stuff from The Secret Affair.  Ya know, a bit over a week ago I was setting up a shot and a friend asked me if he could come hang and watch.  He came, he watched, he critiqued. I was doing a shot for The Secret Affair and told him I was getting all kick ass….he felt the need to point out that I was too pretty.  He wasn’t being flirty or anything…he kept telling me I needed to rough it up a bit (again..not flirty)…get some tats, scratches, dirt smears, messy hair (as if).  Thing is, I don’t have many tats for my arms and such, the ones I do have wouldn’t have shown or wouldn’t have gone with the look (sakura petals and the apocalypse…don’t think so).  As for messing up the face…I wasn’t feeling it…I just really liked the way it looked.  The messy hair suggestion?  I told him to slowly back away and never suggest such a thing again.  Anyway…I thought of that conversation as I was editing this picture.  Here I am once again with a pristine face, no tats or scratches or soot or blood.  Live with it, I like being pretty. ❤


Of course, I’d like to point out that I have a nasty looking baseball bat and a molotov cocktail as my best friends (and is that a grenade hanging on a string around my neck…I believe it is)….so I can be kick ass AND pretty if I wanna be.  Do I look like I care about other peoples opinions of my looks?  I don’t  (but you do think I’m pretty…right?).  The pretty comes from Belleza of course.  Jia is currently at Uber and is so gorgeous I can’t stop looking at myself.  I put the shape on too cause I just loved the face in the ad…and the bangs and waves on my Seri hair from Argrace frame it perfectly.  Jia comes with 8 makeups and is available in Pale, Medium and Sunkissed skin tones.  5 brow options, hair base, cleavage, blush and matte/gloss lips are all included as well…pop over to Uber and get some pretty…then pop over to The Secret Affair and get some kick ass to go with the pretty ❤

*ARGRACE* SERI – Baby Blonde – NEW!!
May’s Soul – The End mask collar @ The Secret Affair (closes on the 30th)
May’s Soul – The End Top XS grey @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul – The End chain necklace @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul – The End The end. Backpack @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul – The End molotov cocktail @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul – The End Last Plant @ The Secret Affair
{RW} Bombed Out Hang Out @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Incendiary Tree @ The Secret Affair
-Belleza- Jia Uber Med 3 br. skin @ Uber
-Belleza- Jia shape @ Uber
Bauhaus Movement Clio Pose

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