Bunny Wars

The bunny wars raged on and she was just tired of fighting the good fight.  She smiles a weary secret smile as the rabid zombie bunny sneaks up behind her, unaware that he’s half a second away from tripping a snare that will cut him to shreds and send him to zombie hell.  “Silly wabbit”… Read More Bunny Wars


I’ve been in class all week to get certified as a Emergency Medical Responder for work.  I can now CPR with the best of them, take vitals, wrap and splint, sop up blood and deliver a baby now…somebody elses that is.  I’ll tell you, it looks a lot different from the other end.  I’ve actually delivered… Read More Amelia

Silent Conversations

Time for some event catchups! Fabulousness from 8f8…Silent Conversations….pond, Sakura tree and Koi…all available in a gacha at SOU…a Creation.jp event that runs until the 15th of April. Also, We ❤ Role-Play is closing this round soon…if you haven’t been…time is running out…go now! While out shopping, don’t forget CyoT….Create your own Tarot…this round is… Read More Silent Conversations


So I’ve been yucky lately…freaking pneumonia’s been going on 2 weeks now..it’s subsiding (that’s right, I’m kicking it’s ass) and there are times I feel like a normal person …couple times even better than a normal person…and in those moments…all is right in the world.  Perspective is a wonderful thing.  I was in one of those zones… Read More Harmony