The joy of squatting

So I own almost an entire region on the mainland. It’s a great spot that runs from the ocean to a Linden highway.  I have great neighbors and for the most part, we all get along…and laugh at each other on a regular basis.  Some people think I’m nuts, but I leave my land open for anyone to rezz.  I do this for 2 reasons.  I have friends that have made this their home and are welcome to rezz personal items and feel…well….at home.  And for whatever reason, newbies somehow find their way to my beach…I’m totally cool with them using the land to open boxes and chit…as long as they clean up after themselves…which they almost always do.  I was a noob once and I used to open my stuff at FreebieWorld (remember!?  wonder if it’s still around??) where not so coincidently, I would procure all my clothing (shudders at the thought of bling shoes).  The 2nd reason is not so altruistic….more entertainment actually.  I love checking my land objects to find that some stranger has left something behind.  Then the search is on like donkey kong.  I have found vehicles, furniture, the command deck of the Enterprise, parts of a strip club…poles…chairs…a bar, assorted skyboxes, hair ( I swear…and that shit used to be primmy!) and animals.  Last night I logged in like a good girl to do some work and get a picture done when I automatically checked my objects.  Lo and behold….290 freakin prim belonging to a chick named Gatita.  I tp Cinder and Jarath over and the search is on.  Cinder wasn’t kidding when she said she was a pro at finding shit…took her less than 20 seconds….she laughed longer than it took her to fly to it.  This chick had rezzed an entire house, platform, fence, trees, a pen (for her My Little Pony offspring), furniture, pictures….all in one day…500 meters up.  Granted…it’s a fixer upper.

squatter far shot

Apparently the bed has been is use as the balls are still out…messy messy.  I’m going to assume that’s Gatita and her bf in the gigantic picture on the wall.  Class ass shit.



So what to do?  A strongly worded IM was in order….but dayam…this chick was planning on being my bff on the slick.  Cinder suggested returning her things one by one by one… mean is that?  I loved it.  Jarath proposed banning her before she could come get her stuff….interesting also….perhaps sending back a couple of things…like a tease….only to have her discover she was banned and couldn’t retrieve the rest of it.  Do they have kidnapper font…like cutout magazine letters??  Darth came on and popped into the conversation … offhandedly suggesting filling her house up with my stuff…..then he remembered Jarath’s flamingo’s.  The man has these !Ohmai flamingos from an event last summer allll over the place.

squatter after_001

Adds a nice touch I think…homey 🙂


squatter after_002

And yes…those are piles of poop scattered about…only Darth would have such a thing in his inventory….that’s his blow up doll on the bed too….kinky.  I also sent an IM saying she had mistakenly plopped her house down on my land and here’s the response I got when I logged in after work today [13:24] GATITA (agata62 Resident): (Saved Thu Apr 09 21:50:26 2015)sorry

sorry.  Not even capitalized or with an exclamation point (everybody know you’re showing true emotion when you use an exclamation point).  The sincerity just rolls off that IM.  Yet the house is still there….hmmm….seems to be a break in communication…perhaps the sarcasm didn’t come through the first notecard. (and no, I did not ban her…yet…I’ll keep you updated)  See why I love keeping my land open?  Isn’t this fun!?  I’ll see how long it takes….if it’s not gone by Sunday evening, I’ll send it back…piece by piece probably.  I’m participating in [free bird] ‘s Spring Fling Home and Garden Tour this month and I’m gonna need the prims dammit 🙂

If you’d like to add to the scenery, feel free to come plop down a copy item or 20 in or around the house…I’ll delete them when I send the house back…but I’ll take a picture first 🙂

Squatter’s house @ Sanctuary


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