More from We ❤ Role-Play!  The long flowing hair is from Tableau Vivant and can be worn with or without the butterflies.  Truly…they’re too pretty to wear without.  The dress from Storybook has 4 different metal tones to choose from and 4 different skirt colors also.  The bracers and gorget are sold separately but come in the same 4 metal tones for mixing and matching. The minute I put on the skin from MUDSKIN, I fell in love…so pretty and innocent…like me (cough cough) and looks so good with the Duchess eyeshadow from The Wicket Peach.  I’ve had the wings from Dead Dollz on for a while now…one color or the other…love love love ❤

Create your own Tarot open again on the 15th…this months card is the Magician and ROQUAI will have a set of poses at the event…all magical (get it?).  This was the #5 pose…but I’ll tell you, I had a hard time deciding which to use…all of her poses are so well thought out and crafted ❤

By the way, The squatter house is still there…amazing (if clueless about this, please read the last post, “the joy of squatting”).  I sent back her furniture…next….the plants!


We ❤ Role-Play

~Tableau Vivant~ Faux dreads – Namiriel – with bangs //low @ We<3 Role-Play
~Tableau Vivant~Namiriel hair butterflies @ We<3 Role-Play
Storybook – Illusion – Solar  – Arcane @ We<3 Role-Play
Storybook – Illusion – Solar – Gorget @ We<3 Role-Play
Storybook – Illusion – Solar – Vambrace  @ We<3 Role-Play
.::Dead Dollz::. Starfly Wings Gold @ We<3 Role-Play
[MUDSKIN] Lovely Bell3 E8 Sunny skin @ We<3 Role-Play
The Wicked Peach – The Duchess – pack 1 # 1 eyeshadow @ We<3 Role-Play

ROQUAI CyoT Magician #5 pose for Create your own Tarot, opening April 15th

This picture was taken at HPMD, or HappyMood…great landscape store and a great place to take pictures!

We Love Role-Play logo

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