Sylvan of Spells

A bit of We ❤ Role-Play and a bit of Fantasy Faire…they just seemed to go ❤

Book Worms

So I need to make a correction….I mentioned on the last post that when you’re on the Fantasy Faire website looking at the different designers on a particular sim that there was a LM to take you directly to them.  Kinda true and not so much.  That LM actually takes you to the designers main store, not to where they are at the Faire.  Just found that out the hard way 🙂  You have to go to the sim rezz point first and find the designers the old fashioned fun way….exploration ❤ (I’ll go edit the previous post just in case)

The things from Sweet Revolutions can be found on the Sylvan of Spells sim…a lush forested land with magic (and more book moths) everywhere you step ❤

Sylvan of Spells_005

Sylvan of Spells has a strong literary theme running throughout, with buildings held up by books, book moths flitting about and literary references and quotes gracing sailing ships and sign posts.  The sim is also the host of the daily (and sometimes hourly) Literary Fest, where you can have a seat and listen to amazing readings by equally amazing people ❤

Sylvan of Spells_006

So look closely…in the middle background….no, further back…see the 2 dimensional paper doll looking avie?  Me…looking a bit flat.  I’m in a paper doll avie…ridiculously super cute…and have been getting stares all day as I explore the faire.  More on the avie and the other places I explored in the next post ❤

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Isle of Tranquility @ We ❤ Role-Play
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Elven @ We ❤ Role-Play
~*SR*~ Elemantal Tree – Earth @ FF 2015
~*SR*~ Flying Book Moth – Magic @ FF 2015
~*SR*~ Flying Book Moth – Runes @ FF 2015
~*SR*~ Flying Music Souls – Gold without Music @ FF 2015


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