The Fairelands Junction

So I was lucky enough to have access to the sims @ Fantasy Faire 2015 before it opened and I wasted no time taking pics.  I was trying to describe it to Jarath, Darth and Cinder and all I could say was spectacular….absolutely spectacular.

Falling with Grace

This shot was taken above water @ Fairelands Junction, a Fantasy Faire 2015 sim sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron.  You rezz in underwater…which is fabulous…and you’ll see free male & female low lag avie’s, complete with skin, outfit and hair…all fantasied up and created by The Plastik.  There are also teleports to all the sims and a free teleport HUD….whooots!  Perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve discovered is the massive underwater world…I have yet to see if I can go to all of the sims continuously while underwater…I’ll let you know…I’m currently right outside of the Junction rezz in area and I see “road’ signs….a grand invitation if there ever was one ❤

underwater ff Fairelands Junction_001

With all of the gorgeous builds and scenery, it’s easy to wander and get lost…truly not a bad thing.  If you’re more a planner than a wanderer be sure to glance through the website.  There are tabs with links to all the sims (bonus: list of the designers on that sim & direct lm’s to their location!), all of the ongoing events, such as auctions, radio stations, literary festival, roleplay and a hunt….as well as daily events.  For instance, this morning the Goblin King has arrived at the faire!  If you find him in the Fairelands and say “I CLAIM THE GOBLIN KING AS MINE” then he will have to give you a gift of something to free himself from your claim on him.  Whooots!  He’s a pic of him:

Goblin King

Here is the King’s feed with clues to where he might be……go find him!

Fantasy Faire 2015 website

Thethys Wings 6.0 – Light Colors ~ Material Squirrel @ FF
AD – sola – SPLASH @ FF
:{Oak & Elm}: Dark floral horns (buds/chin) @ FF
[ SAKIDE ] Nayoko Kimono White/Pink S @ FF
Del May Soar pose


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