Poseidon’s Abyss

Poseidons Abyss

Just as the Sylvan of Spells is known as the literary sim in this years Fantasy Faire, Poseidon’s Abyss is the Arts and Entertainment mecca.  It is a build beyond belief and imagination, a journey in itself and a joy to partake.  On the FF website today, Sonya Marmurek wrote an article about the amazing sim, with a quote detailing the breathtaking story behind the it by the builder himself, Haveit Neox…so if I may share …..

“The enemy’s superior power can no longer be held off. The city struggles to save its arts aboard the fleet of living galleons. To protect its valued paintings, music, literature, and all the company of its theater, the ships must sail on the hour if their culture is to survive. But 40 fathoms beneath those waves, Poseidon spies the underbellies of the ships, and readies his own advance for the bounty.” – Haveit Neox, the designer and builder of Poseidon’s Abyss

The Arts & Entertainment sim, Poseidon’s Abyss, is a treasure trove of fantasy art set into a sim-wide installation by Haveit Neox. Within the living story of attempting to save what is most precious — beauty, art and culture — the visitors can find four different art galleries. Two of these are on the surface, two more in the depths of Abyss.

In these galleries there are paintings of fantasy art work from 26 different Second Life fantasy artists that have their work displayed in Flickr. Each of the artists was contacted for permission and only the art that we received the permission for is displayed in the Faire. — Sonya Marmurek, website scribbler

Fantasy Faire 2015

Poseidons Abyss_012

The ruins of the city are evident above water….

Poseidons Abyss_006

Yet even more so below the surface….

Poseidons Abyss_008

Jump in or find the entrance to the underwater world and prepare to be amazed….

Poseidons Abyss_010

The chaotic beauty will entrance you as you wander through and find interactive art displays and discover the sunken galleries filled with works of art.

Poseidons Abyss_003

The ring in the center of the crumbling city is actually a stage of sorts.  As I wandered on opening day it was empty…I had no idea of it’s purpose…then I glanced back and caught the colorful globe inside that’s in the topmost picture….it was only there for a short time…long enough for an opportunistic shot.  I came back yesterday for a particle show and was amazed to discover the ring being used as a stage.  The show and accompanying music was awe inspiring…the dock and boats filled with spectators…one being the Queen herself ❤

Poseidons abyss underwater_007

After the show there was much dancing…specifically a mass “dream dance”.  I caught this at the very end when there was just myself and one other still floating…and yes….that’s me looking all paper doll like and 2 dimensional.  She even has tabs on the back side!  The avatar is by Dandelion Daydreams Factory and can be found on the Poppetsborough sim.  There’s a male and a female….and I just find her so interesting.  I’ll say this much…I wandered several sims all day Saturday….no one looked like me 🙂

Poseidon’s Abyss


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