Fantasy Faire continues…and along with it my explorations of the 13 sims.  The other day I visited the Odyssey Sim, sponsored and built by Fallen Gods’ Alia Baroque. The build is, quite simply, a Grecian wonder.  Olympus submerged…that’s what it makes me think of.

Odyssey final

Grand temples with sea shells topping massive ionic columns and water horses soaking up the sun on the cool marble floor.

Odyssey exteriors_003

When you pull your gaze away from water level and look up, there are yet more wonders.

Odyssey exteriors_004

Sitting atop the buildings are statues of the Gods and Goddesses themselves….surveying the faire from far above the clouds.

Odyssey exteriors_005

I wandered Odyssey, soaking in the beauty and people watching.  There are little nooks and crannies up top, around every corner and under the sea itself.  There is even a hidden grotto of sorts under water with a conveniently placed couples dance ball….see if you can find it ❤

Once again, no one was dressed like me.  One of the best things about the Faire is the eclectic range of faire folk.  It is not uncommon to see maidens, wizards, fairies, royalty, tinies, dragons, elves and yes…even a paper doll or two.  I chose to wear this incredibly gorgeous dress from Azul (which I have to tell you, makes my knees weak it’s so stunning), complete with wings…I’m a sucker for wings.  The hair is Analog Dog…I love it so much it hurts.  Complementing the floaty dress is the unicorn skin from 7 Deadly Skins….so ethereal and delicate with it’s little white spots all over.  It comes with a unicorn horn and ears…but I really liked the fairy ears from Eclectica so the unicorn ears will get worn another day ❤


AD – petula – SPLASH @ Fantasy Fair 2015
-AZUL- Pepeke MeshDress XS/Excl FantasyFaire
-AZUL- Pepeke Wing/Excl FantasyFaire
Eclectica elf ear ‘fairy’ version @ Fantasy Fair 2015
7 Deadly s{K}ins – RAIN unicorn “snow” @ Fantasy Fair 2015

Del May LOTD #1 pose

Taken @ the Odyssey sim

Fantasy Faire website with sims, designers and lm’s 🙂


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