From the Odyssey sim @ Fantasy Faire 2015 and the imagination of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods ❤


/Wasabi Pills/ Jaden Mesh Hair – Sorbet on the Odyssey sim
Eclectica elf ear ‘fairy’ version on the Ichi-go Ichi-e sim
+FGInc.+ Oceanica Atlantic Ivory skin on the Odyssey sim
+FGInc.+Oceanica~ Ivory Shell Necklace, female
+FGInc.+Oceanica~ Breast Shells with pearls Ivory F
+FGInc.+Odyssey~ Pearl Submerged Grand Temple
+FGInc.+Odyssey~ Pearls, Hanging Arrangment A
+FGInc.+Odyssey~ Pearls, Hanging Arrangment
+FGInc.+Odyssey~ Pearls, Shelled


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