Big apologies for the absence the last couple of days…the end of the school year is always crazy busy and my energies are exhausted getting things wrapped up.

So….I went exploring on YoZakura at the Fantasy Faire….a lovely Japanese sim full of wonder and graceful beauty.  Rising above the town is a floating island, complete with a dragon guarding over it.  This floating island is actually one of the donations at the silent auction in the Fairelands Junction…along with some other amazing items.  The auction is done at 5pm SLT today…so if your interested in getting yourself a fabulous island or perhaps EVERY skin Plastic has ever made….pop over and put a bid or 2 in.  Also….a picture disclaimer….the gorgeous red poppy field is not in YoZakura…it’s on my sim….they’re from Little Branch and I couldn’t resist having them as part of the shot.  The amazing dress from Azul, however, can be found on YoZakura and is so damn beautiful it nearly hurts me to look at it.


Here’s the original picture taken on YoZakura of the floating island…which I am attempting to bid on as we speak ❤


And a shot from much farther back showing the town on the ground level…you can just see the floating island with the dragon in the background….stunning!

YoZakura Azul_007


-AZUL- K’aalogii Mesh Dress, Onyx w/ headpiece, sleeves, collar and Obi @ Fantasy Faire 2015

LB_RedPoppies{Field} currently and exclusively @ Cosmopolitan

Belleza– Jia Uber Med. 7 br. skin w/ #1 matte makeup from the previous Uber, now instore

[HL] Dragon Pup6

Del May Kiss My Hand #2 pose

Background taken @ YoZakura


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