Persephone and Hades

This round of The Secret Affair, From the Depths We Shall Rise, produced inspiration for the legendary couple Persephone and Hades.  Their “love” story (and yes, I choose to believe that Persephone falls in love eventually with the God of the Underworld) is popular and timeless….powerful man kidnaps beautiful woman for his own.  The abduction is carved on a sarcophagus from the 3rd century , has been painted countless times throughout history and brought to life in statues.  Persephone does rise, against all odds (thanks to mom), but is pulled back for 4 months out of the year through Hades trickery (sneaky bastid).  It’s really the perfect relationship….only together for 4 months…just enough time to not get sick of each other…and the 8 months apart would be long enough to really have them get itchy for each other ❤

Persephone and Hades

The Secret Affair                  We Love Role-Play                                        Uber

*~*Damselfly*~*Emily hair @ We Love Role-Play
lassitude & ennui Foreboding – crown – silver @ The Secret Affair
ALEGRIA Dragon Scale Necklace Silver @ The Secret Affair
ALEGRIA Dragon Scale Bracelets Silver @ The Secret Affair
Dead Dollz –  Persephone Ivory XS @ The Secret Affair
-Belleza- Claudia Uber Sunkissed 5 Br. skin @ Uber

*~*Damselfly*~*Luca hair @ We Love Role-Play
Zibska – Cadoc Uomo @ The Secret Affair
[Stiched] Waves of Hades pants and belt @ The Secret Affair
[Stiched] Waves of Hades Staff (Back) Brown @ The Secret Affair

Del May Devotion couples pose

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