We Love Role-Play opened today and the place is packed!  Another favorite…..this gorgeously seductive flower “outfit”…how does Zib come up with these things!?  There’s a hud to control the main and accent flowers, I chose cream and pink, respectively.  The long, straight hair from Tableau Vivant is also at the event….stunning and unisex…win win…as is… Read More Blanchefleur

The road home

I’m always in awe of the fabulousness that comes out of the We Love Role-Play event …. month after month there is such an endless availability of interesting, useful and downright whimsical items (yep, still got the bone tail on).  Sweet Revolutions’ Stoneman and Artisan Fantasy’s stone bridge and arch are in the foreground, beautifully made… Read More The road home

Persephone and Hades

This round of The Secret Affair, From the Depths We Shall Rise, produced inspiration for the legendary couple Persephone and Hades.  Their “love” story (and yes, I choose to believe that Persephone falls in love eventually with the God of the Underworld) is popular and timeless….powerful man kidnaps beautiful woman for his own.  The abduction is carved on a sarcophagus from… Read More Persephone and Hades


I know….long time no see.  I don’t think I’ve ever been out more than 3 days!  Blame my modem (stupid modem)….but it’s been replaced and we’re all good now!  Technology is great till you don’t have it isn’t it!?  Anyway, I missed the opening of We ❤ Role-Play…so I’ll be making up for that and… Read More Wish