More previews for We Love Role-Play….I love the Nymeria hair from Entwined…pushed to the back with the peek a boo look…so sexy.  The romantic dress is from !gO! and is in 2 pieces…corset and skirt…just in case you just want to run around in the corset (I do) 🙂  Also fabulous is the coveted rare… Read More Nymeria

The Training

We Love Role-Play will be back in a couple of days, the 4th to be exact, with some wonderful must haves.  3 of those include the Storm hair by KoKoLoReS….a low ponytail style, the beautiful Romhilda headpiece by LaGyo and these kick ass leather Rogue pants by a new favorite, Azuchi.  Both armbands are also… Read More The Training