More from the sooo very soon to open Conquest event.  I’d like to point out that I didn’t forget to list a pose for this shot…I actually didn’t use one.  The amazing dress by PEQE was most of the reason…you see the arms come like this…together…so you have to wear the dress with arm alphas… Read More Alerie

War Strategy

Take a nap people…The Conquest opens at midnight and you want to be perky for it! The Conquest webpage and shopping guide The Conquest: 7m;R_uK War Strategy Table (7 mad Ravens) 7m;R_uK Draped King’s Chair 7m;R_uK Draped Advisor Chair 7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Falcon 7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_XCross 7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Stag 7m;R_uK House Sigil Flag_Rose… Read More War Strategy