Life is always an adventure

Life is a work in progress

Okay, so I’m perusing WordPress this morning…reading the newest news…checking out the newest themes…and I see the Cerauno theme…I love the way it looks….I wanna demo it…and of course, I hit the (apparently) customize button instead and before I knew it, my whole blog look was different.  I’m not a panicky person…I know I could get it back to the way it was, but honestly, it needed a fresh face…perhaps this was fate.  I really do like what Cerauno is supposed to look like (only not soooo white):

Cerauno theme pic

Problem is…well hell…mine doesn’t look like that….where are my pictures??!  Why aren’t they on the main page like these are?  So I thought maybe it’s because I rarely put the picture first…I usually have some bit of text, quote, blurb, whatever first.  That theory was thrown out the window when I scrolled down to a post that I DID actually have the picture first…no picture. You do see the picture when you click “read more” but dayam, that’s not why I liked this theme. So I will play with everything in the admin page and figure this out…maybe I’ll have to figure out what CSS is…push come to shove I will call freaking WordPress and ask for help (cause I’m a girl and we’re okay doing that)…so stay tuned….life is always an adventure…

Okay… so an update!  Duchess almost immediately left me a comment telling me to set the picture as the “featured image”.  This is the key!  The only thing I don’t like is that it cuts my picture off…at the head it seems!  I told Duchess I was way to pretty to have my head lopped off.  I don’t see a sizing option for the featured image anywhere …but have no fear….I push on!

As for the look…well…I’ve been on a shopping binge.  I fell in love with the dress and shoes from Zenith at FaMESHed…and ya know I don’t wear shoes much….but I loooove these!  I decided I needed flowers or something in my hair, so I hit LODE and dropped some lindens on easily 10 hats and headpieces…but jeez…look how ridiculously super cute this hat is…and it matches perfectly.  Also, feeling the match matchy need I ran back to Event @ 1st to get the pink Music Box tattoo from White Widow…another recent favorite…sighs….I’m so saving this as an outfit and wearing it for ages ❤

[Entwined] Naomi @ Chapter 4
*LODE* Hat – Melancholy [cream]
=Zenith=bra top w skirt (Milk) fitted mesh @ FaMESHed
=Zenith=Shanti shoes with socks (rose) @ FaMESHed
White Widow Music Box Tattoo (pink) @ Event @ 1st
Belleza- Amelia MIX sunkissed makeup #4 Skin (for The MIX Event)
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat
dust bunny & windsong . paper butterflies
Loka Design ~ 3 Tentacles Offsim (MP only)
Del May I can’t believe you did that pose

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