The Secret Ruins

The secret ruins

Update on the new blog design…still messing with it…I’m just grateful that my pictures show up on the main page now.  I like the way it looks so far…my goal today is to figure out how to get my blogroll onto the 2nd page…you’d think there would be an easy obvious way….not so much…stay tuned ❤

I was pulling out all my *ionic* scores from Chapter Four last night and plopping them down, bemoaning the fact that I didn’t get the one thing I truly wanted…the secret ruins.  I’m usually okay with whatever I get, I’m not a serial gacha fiend like some (you know who you are) and I wasn’t going to put anymore lindens into the blackhole that is the gacha machine.  I figured if I didn’t get it in 12 pulls, I wasn’t meant to get it that way…I’d either go to some yard sales (looove yard sales) or I’d just ask Cinder to find me one (she is a beast at finding rares).  Now as I’m contemplating this out loud on voice, Jarath and Darth are hanging around trying to figure out how they can screw my shot up.  They plot I tell ya.  Darth is laughing his ass off and coughing up a lung in amazement that I thought 12 pulls was sufficient.  He then produces the damned rare secret ruins……he’s a mystery that one.  In all my happiness that Jarath has finally moved his ass (literally) out of the view and he hasn’t retextured anything important and having the ruins to complete my picture, I lost sight of what Darth was doing.  I was busy getting an angle and moving things around….and all the while he was plotting to take 10 years off my life.  Do you see it in the picture?  Take a moment…but be prepared to be ewwied.  Don’t keep reading yet if you want to find it on your own.   I’m distractedly musing in the back of my mind as to why Darth is saying “Where’s Waldo?”  But I assume he and Jarath are pondering the questions of the Universe.  That’s what they do when not discussing boobs.

I put it out of my mind…get my shot…Darth tells me he want to move the rabbit a bit…he does…I take another shot and call it a night.  This morning I get up and start editing and am almost done when I saw it…lurking in the shadow of the doorway….peeking around….staring at me…bitch is always staring at me.  See it now?  It’s one of those beyond spooky dead dolls from Remarkable Oblivions Doll Maker collection.  They are freaky…their heads move to follow you and they are always watching…and he knows they give me the willies.  I popped onto SL and went and checked…he had picked it up…and he is curiously quiet this morning and afternoon…bastid.  He’ll say Jarath did it.  I’m telling you, when I saw it in the almost finished picture, I shrieked.  I seriously considered cloning it out but in the end decided it was too vague to change the tone of the picture.  Spooky bitch -.-

And all this while attempting to take a nice “happy feeling” picture in my Summertime dress from Aphorism.  Rucy outdid himself with this dress…light and summery… gorgeous textures.  The dress will be at Season’s Story, which opens in a few days so get ready ❤

Also new is the Greeley necklace from Tantalum (with a fabulous texture hud built in) at Fashiontropic, which opened yesterday and a set of female sitting poses from Dyer Maker, which can be found at Suicide Dollz till the 17th ❤

[Entwined] Nymeria
Belleza– Amelia MIX sunkissed #4 skin for The MIX Event
Dyer Maker – Random Female Poses F05 @ Suicide Dollz    5th- 17th July
* 6 poses – 110L$ – copy mod *   See below for the ad with all the poses
!APHORISM! Summertime Dress – @ Season’s Story   10th – 30th July (sorry, no LM till then!)
The dresses are available in 3 texture options with 5 colour variations each.
Flower – Brown, Green, Purple, Blue and Red
Plain – Crimson, Black, Blue, White and Grey
Pattern – Blue, Black, Purple, Pink and Green
The dresses also come with an undershirt option that can be toggled off and on, with 4 colour variations available via HUD (Off-White, Black, Grey and White)    Included in the pack is an AutoAlpha prim for the Maitreya mesh body. Wearing it will automatically alpha the body correctly for the Summertime Dress (remove once alpha is set)  (Which works fabulously…no work on your part….I know right!!)

=Zenith= Shanti with socks @ FaMESHed
~Tantalum~ Greeley Necklace @ Fashiontropic   opened 7-7-15
*ionic* The Secret Ruins – RARE @ Chapter 4
*ionic* Forest Bench
*ionic* The Secret Gate
*ionic* Bonfire Log Seat (deer)
*ionic* Glass Lanterns (hang)

*LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Double [peach]
*LODE* Head Accessory – Magic [single flying bird] X2
*LODE* Head Accessory – Magic [bird with star]
*LODE* Head Accessory – Magic [single bird]

Boudoir Deer (from the Abandoned Fairy Greenhouse)

HPMD* StandingRabbit M
HPMD* Shrub – pink*d
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 – green
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – a (Mesh)
HPMD* Colored Bush – light green
HPMD* Sunlight(2014) – a

dyer maker randomf05_ADD


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