To the sands….

to the sands less bloody

No hair today peeps….it’s all about The Secret Affair.  Opening this Wednesday, “To the Sands” brings you an arena full of gladiator designs…literally…an arena…that’s what the event set is.  I popped over there today to take a much needed bloody picture and went about my business while a couple of designers were setting up and a couple more bloggers for the event were laughing at my poor dead lion.  It was him or me…and it sure wasn’t gonna be me.  And all this to showcase 22769’s gladiator sandals and DRD’s amazing chariot for the event.  The chariot comes in clean and dirty versions….and that goes for the pg and adult thing as well 🙂  The sandals come in girl and guy sizes and several different colors; black, brown, red and used leather…perfect for rp or just because your kick ass and like the look ❤

22769 ~ [accessories] Femme Gladiators Used Leather @ The Secret Affair July 15th
DRD – Chariot @ The Secret Affair July 15th
[Manticore] Lion LE [COPY]

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