Argrace for Hair Fair 2015

Argrace for Hair Fair 2015 fixed

Another preview from Hair Fair 2015 featuring one of my favorite brands, Argrace.  Anyone who has ever worn an Argrace hair knows my joy…the textures are gorgeous and the workmanship is perfection.  To this day my favorite (and judging from the pictures I still see, many others also) wet look hair is from Argrace.  This year for Hair Fair Argrace brings us the bucket hat w/ hair.   I have one of these hats in RL that I always wear to Jazz Fest with pins and flowers and dangly charms all over it …they are too much fun to wear.  Tomoe is a shorter hairstyle and a bit wilder whereas Sono sports longer, straighter hair.  Both work for a female or a male…and now that I say that I wish I would have pulled out the malt and used him in the pic (he is quite yummy).  The hat comes with a texture change hud for not only the colors but also the design on the hat, or you can choose not to have the design on at all.  As with most of the designers at the fair, Argrace has a gift and it happens to be this hat as a stand alone in a couple different textures.  Be sure to stop by Argrace during your wanderings through the fair and pick up some fun ❤

The Secret Affair opens in less than 2 days, on Wednesday, so get ready to go Roman.  Kibitz has made this fabulous necklace, Amanda, for the event.  It’s beautifully made and will go with literally anything…put it on your list!  Until the Affair opens, check out the website and peruse the previews for ideas and inspiration ❤

My bodysuit is from Zenith…it’s a rare from their gacha at Season’s Story and comes with a texture change hud, so you never feel like your wearing the same suit ❤

My skin is the Belleza skin that was made for the MIX event and is available at the Belleza store.  I’ve been wearing it consistently for several weeks now…changing back and forth between the different makeups….I love it so much I can’t stop staring at myself ❤

Lastly…the pose.  I’ve had this pose for over a year.  My girlfriend Mae was always saying we should do a picture together…I spotted this pose at some event and had to have it.  We have yet to get that picture taken (*glares at Mae*) but I have high hopes that we will…in the meantime…I just needed to use it for this shot.  I have a particular fondness for all of the poses from Bauhaus….no exception…there is just something about them that speaks to me, and the couples/friends poses are always perfect…do we not look perfect? ❤

And by the way, I put out the sailboat just to see Skippy jump and twirl and yell SHIP when he see’s it in Flick’r  🙂

*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE – Baby Blonde [Fitted] @ Hair Fair 2015
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / SONO – Cinnamon [Fitted] @ Hair Fair 2015
Kibitz – Amanda necklace – copper @ The Secret Affair (no lm till it opens!)
=Zenith=The Fiona Bodysuit Fitted mesh Maitreya -RARE @ Season’s Story
Belleza– Amelia MIX sunkissed #’s 5 and 4 (respectively)
Bauhaus Movement – The Bosses couples pose

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