The Spoils of War

the spoils of war final

Sometimes a challenge is just the thing to start a day off.  Not that you look for it or anything….it just happens.  Such was the case with this photo shoot.  You see…The Secret Affair ends tomorrow (today actually if I don’t get this done in the next 30 minutes) at the stroke of midnight.  I have loved this theme without reserve and I will miss gladiatoring it up.  Or, in the case of this shot, damsel in distressing it up.  Notice that no one actually looks distressed.  I wanted to get in as many pieces from the event as possible without looking too contrived or obnoxious.  I though…hmmm….3 ladies…but how to do it without looking like all the other group pics.  In comes Darth and suddenly what I envisioned as a simple delicate shot turned into a Cecil B. DeMille production.  He was having me pull things out of my inventory…he was pulling stuff out of his…..cause if you have ever set your eyes on one of his pictures…more is definitely more.  He was dying to pull out all of his Roman statues….kept telling me he had the David statue…and there’s an empty spot over there (there was).  Know what stopped his urge to statue the pic up?  Ego.  Plain and simple.  I said the picture needed a man walking in on the women.  I swear…you could hear him going through his inventory like a madman.  This worked out well cause there was no way I was going to put on PFC’s errrr G-string thingie for men and Darth was freaking dying to do another butt shot.  Seriously.  In fact, he told me to be sure to mention that he wins the butt challenge.  He had challenged a bunch of us that blog for The Secret Affair to resurrect the butt shot…and he was the first to take it on.  Being high class professional women…we took his challenge with glee.  You can see butt posts done by DarthDuchess, Kynne, Sorchiee and myself (did I leave anyone out?)   He says he wins not only because he has a spectacular butt, but because he flashed it twice.  Such a man ho ho ❤

Okay…from left to right (gotta start with the buns first!)

Darth the Invader:
>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
~Tableau Vivant~ Mystic hair
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister @ Shiny Shabby
PFC~Fundoshi @ The Secret Affair (the butt wrap thingie)
PFC~Torden 2.0 (the awesome sword)

Roxi on the floor 🙂 
[Entwined] Ella hair @ The Fantasy Collective
Una – Leaf Julia Crown @ The Secret Affair
Una – Leaf Pad @ The Secret Affair
.ARISE. Pyra Necklace / Brown_Silver @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Armlets]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Cuffs]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Ring]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
{le fil casse} crystal goddess dress VESTA @ The Secret Affair
Belleza– Amber Uber sunkissed # 2 skin
Trompe Loeil – Golden Apple Single
Bauhaus Movement – Akej pose

Roxi on the chaise:
Tableau Vivant \\ Hortensia hair @ The Secret Affair
*LODE* Head Accessory – Nobilis [white]
~TANTALUM~ Silver Aitreyu Necklace Gift!
:[P]:- Morata [Armlets]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Cuffs]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
Luminary – Vita Dress – Dream (Fitted Mesh) @ The Secret Affair
Belleza- Amber Uber sunkissed # 6 skin
Bauhaus Movement –  Ilanit pose

Roxi standing:
Blues. Jessica hair
Ariskea [Field] Pansy Headband [Cashemire] @ Shiny Shabby
Wimey: Pompeii Gown White @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Armlets]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Morata [Cuffs]:// Hud-Controlled @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Hyace Pendant:// Wood Light @ The Fantasy Collective
Belleza- Amber Uber sunkissed # 5 skin
Bauhaus Movement – Elena pose

[zerkalo] Persian sit – Sands @ The Secret Affair
UNCERTAIN SMILE – Ancient bowl pink @ Illusion Point
UNCERTAIN SMILE – Ancient tall vase blue @ Illusion Point
*pm* ornate candlesticks @ Illusion Point
Fallen Gods – Odyssey~ Pearl Temple, Complete Link
[DDD] – garden pavilion set w/ pavilian, chaise, and lanterns
Lark – Atlantis fountain
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:dark[B]1Li
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:gold[B]1Li
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:red[A]1Li
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Feast Plate of Fruit COMMON
Fallen Gods – ~Libertine~ Fruit plate
~Tantalum~ Aitreyu Necklace GiftTSA LogoIllusionPoint Logo

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