Tuscan Living

Introducing the Tuscany Loft,  a brand new skybox from DaD Design that debuts at Cosmopolitan this month.  You may remember DaD, a landscaping store owned by  Sheerpetal Roussel (excellent palm trees).  She took a little break and is now back and ready to mesh things up, starting with this skybox.  The Tuscany Loft measures 24×30,… Read More Tuscan Living


“Well, it’s amateur night at the pub.”  That’s what my dad always said when people didn’t know how to drink or just couldn’t hold their liquor.  My dad was a proud Irishman and could drink anyone under the bar…and still seem totally sober.  He sat on the same bar stool in the same bar every… Read More Amateurs

Portobello Rd.

Classic Romance is the name of the game for January’s round of The Liaison Collaborative, opening in a couple of days on the 15th. With so many top level designers participating, it’s going to be a shopping extravaganza.  Apple Fall made this delightful corner store for the event.  Portobello Rd. boasts 2 stories with a separate… Read More Portobello Rd.

breakfast musings

Ya know, I have a pretty big piece of property on Mainland…prime oceanfront spot. And I’m always working on it…I should change the name of it from Sanctuary to Work in Progress….and I’m always decorating and redecorating and landscaping (damn you Alex Bader). Yet here I find myself…again….on Darth’s sim, LennonParkOnTheRock, taking pictures. What is… Read More breakfast musings