I’m a sucker for wind blown hair, so when I saw Analog Dog had a new style out I had to have it.  I was told today my hair was all in my face….which in my opinion means it’s perfectly messy…as it should be ❤

The fabulous Rogue Vest is by Azuchi, it’s currently at We Love Role-Play and pairs with the pants of the same name…you just can’t go wrong there ❤

I was over at the Secret Affair event the other day….squeezing my way around the hords (literally, some of those people were really scary looking) and perusing all the Viking goodies….soooo many Viking goodies.  The theme this round is “The Road to Valhalla”…hence the Viking thing.  The set up is amazing, as usual.  Upon arrival, you’re plunged into cold, snowy Asgard and if you look closely, you can see the stairs leading up to Valhalla, guarded by 2 enormous wolf hounds.  Spectacular!  The staff I’m carrying was made for the event by LAB737 and comes with a mask also.  Truly, this round is not to be missed! ❤

The anyBody Event, an event that showcases all things appliers, is also still open and happens to be where you can find the gorgeous Focus tattoo by White-Widow…my absolute favorite tattoo store ❤

Special shout out to Darth for terraforming and landscaping my newly added on land (again, thank you shoe store guy for moving and offering me your adjoining land).  He had just acquired the new windswept trees and wild grass from Skye and generously plopped them down… whoot whoot!

[Azuchi] Vest -Rogue- Vest Brown Maitreya BW @ We ❤ Role-Play
[Azuchi] Pants -Rogue- Battleworn Brown S
[LAB737] Seer Staff @ The Secret Affair
[White~Widow] Focus tattoo @ anybody
[PXL] Aeryn pale #2 skin @ We ❤ Role-Play
[E.V.E] Stars Fireflies Light Path M&C(1prim) @ We ❤ Role-Play
ALEGRIA Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (5×5) ????
Alchemy – Dire Protector – Snow
Skye Windswept Tree Type 2
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
*ionic* The Secret Ruins
NRage F-GN2 Pose @ GEN-Neutral

we love rp new logoWhite Widow - FocusTSA Logo

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