The lovely setting for this picture is The Secret Affair’s “Road to Valhalla” event.  Gorgeous isn’t it?  Welcome to Asgard, home of Odin’s great hall, Valhalla.  The set is complete with snow, dense forest and wolfhounds guarding the staired entrance to the hall.  I set up shop outside the steps and readied myself to take some pictures.  There were shoppers milling about, some chatted with me…or maybe about me.  The snow flurries were eddying about and the music was hypnotic (must find that stream).  I was wearing a sheathed shield and once I got into the perfect spot, I hit the shortcut on my keyboard to unsheathe it.  Nothing happened…no shield magically appeared.  I kept hitting the shortcut.  Someone on open mic was snickering.  Hmmmm.  Problem was, it had gotten dark outside and I hadn’t reached over to turn the light on, relying solely on the light from the screen….bad idea.  When I had the foresight to glance at open chat, I instantly knew what the snickering was for…and why my shield had not materialized.  I had been hitting the wrong shortcut…and was having a totally one-sided inappropriate conversation with everyone around me in gesture speak.  The nicest part went like this:

[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: Kiss…
[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: My…
[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: Canadian
[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: Ass…
[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: Mutha Fucka…
[16:59] Roxi Firanelli: holy crap….I’ve gone gesture crazy….sorry!

So, blanket apologies to anyone that happened to be at the event….I’m sure I don’t know you well enough to call you any kind of fucker.  I’m also not Canadian…who knew I had a gesture that says that!?

pr!tty – Lilla – {Medium Roots} @ The Secret Affair
.AiShA. Freya Dress S Silver/White @ The Secret Affair
{Raven’s Touch} silver .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Denrys Swirled Chain F:// Valhalle Glow @ The Secret Affair
.Charm. Decca // Headpiece // Silver @ The Secret Affair
FDD Stories *Norse Shield* Steel/wood @ The Secret Affair
.Things. Aigneis tattoo @ The Secret Affair
[PXL] Aeryn pale 02 skin @ We Love Role-Play
Del May Never Pose

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