The Spirit of Autumn

The Spirit of Autumn

According to CNN, Autumn officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere with the autumnal equinox at 1:21 a.m. SLT (they used EST, but since there’s a good chance none of them are in SL….whada they know).  So what does this actually mean? (pay attention) During the autumnal equinox, our day and night are balanced to about 12 hours each all over the world. Instead of the Earth tilting away from or toward the sun, its axis of rotation becomes perpendicular to the line connecting the centers of the Earth and the sun.  (Thank goodness for the Internet!)


Temperatures are cooler, colors are muted with tones of orange and yellow and browns….perhaps some purple-ish red thrown in, you feel the need to drink spiced rum/wine/coffee/tea/rum and the pumpkins are out everywhere.  It’s time to pull out the boots and wear cool scarves!  Of course, in SL we can have Autumn every day if we so choose.  I took this picture the other day, but I wanted to wait until today to post it.  This is Boudoir’s newest outfit made especially for the season…it would be hard to resist even without the adorable squirrel peeking out of the hole in my tree tummy.  Along with some excellent Autumn-y jewelry finds from The Plastik at the newly opened Shiny Shabby and this Love hair from Lamb….which I love so much it hurts…I am ready for anything!  Except things that chase after and eat squirrels…I’m not ready for that.  I’m also still wearing the beautiful Aeryn skin from PXL that’s out at We Love Role-Play.  I’m not usually into the pale look, but this skin is so dewy and fresh and perfectly pretty!  The tree in the background is a free gift at Hayabusa…cool curves….go get one!

Boudoir – The Spirit of Autumn outfit-NEW in store!
Boudoir – Autumn headpiece (comes with the Fall Faerie outfit)
+ Lamb. Love – Variety/Ombre/Eccentric @ Collabor88
:[P]:- Autumnus Velvet Choker (Golden) @ Shiny Shabby
:[P]:- Autumnus Necklace-Long (Golden) @ Shiny Shabby
[PXL] Aeryn pale #2 skin @ We Love Role-Play
Hayabusa Design Magnolia Wada Geometry Curved HD-A M3 v1-2 T3G – Free gift!

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