I will cut you

I will cut you

So I logged in today and did the happy dance when I noticed that Magika had sent out an awesome group gift for Halloween.  I’m a huge fan of witchy hats and well…the green hair just makes it perfect…who knew I’d look so good in green!?  Also new is the Skra dress from The Plastik for the Nightmare Event….lots of choices to pic from (see the ads below) and when I saw one that said “I will cut you” I was taken back to the infamous Bon Qui Qui video on YouTube.  It’s wildly inappropriate but so damn funny you want to watch it twice.  On that note, I have attached the link….be tempted…be very tempted.

(warning Will Robinson…this clip is pretty offensive, but funny as chit)

Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

Magika – Sorcery – NEW subscriber group gift!!
:[P]:- Skra Dress [Maitreya]:// Cut – @ The Nightmare Event
Cellar Door – Samhain Collar Black coming to We Love Role-Play on the 4th
Belleza– Amelia sunkissed #9 skin
Del May – Hippy Chick pose

Skra Dresses - Mainwe love rp new logoSkra Previewer

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