The Witch Queen

I’m gonna tell you a story
Strange as it now seems
Of zombie voo-doo gris gris and
The witch queen of New Orleans
She lived in a world of magic
Possessed by the devil’s skew
From a shack near the swamp lands
Of mud pie brick
Marie stirred her witches brew

The Witching Hour

Dime or a nickel any one could buy
Voo-doo of any kind
She had potions and lotions, herbs and tanna leaves
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Early one mornin’ into mucky swamp dew
Vanished Marie with hate in her eyes
Though she’ll never return all the Cajuns knew
A witch queen never dies

The Witch Queen of New Orleans – Redbone, 1971

It’s October and it’s the 4th, which means We Love Role-Play is set to open in mere hours, 3pm SLT, and with that the mystical month of Halloween is upon us.  Expect scores of spooky spine tingling fantastical designs from the creators…you won’t be disappointed ❤

[PUMEC] Caroline Witch skin with scars @ We Love Role-Play (I’ll be back to put the LM in @ 3)
Zibska – Abadon dress w/ orbiting birds @ We Love Role-Play
*HEXtraordinary* Siamese Owl Gryphon – Wear – Grey @ We Love Role-Play
[Cloud] Element witch hat #Air (TYPE A) @ We Love Role-Play
ieQED talon.ring.set.obsidian [MAITREYA 10] L @ We Love Role-Play
meadowWorks – Gothic Gargoyle on Column @ We Love Role-Play
~*Souzou Eien*~ Little Renaissance Pavilion (Rect-Whitewash) @ We Love Role-Play
LB_JapaneseMaplev1{Seasons} @ FaMESHed
LB_JapaneseMapleV2{Seasons} @ FaMESHed
[White~Widow] Invictus tattoo @ The Fantasy Collective
[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry
Del May Willow pose

we love rp new logoCAROLINE Pick _3ieQED talon.ring.set.key_HEXtraordinary_ Owl Gryphon PosterWhite Widow - Invictus

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