Crazy Cat Lady

So this is kind of a milestone for me.  This is my 500th post!  Whoooots!  That pales to some of the blogs I read (and I read a lot), but they’ve either been around longer or they do the quick posts that don’t take as much time.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  I do it myself when I just really need to get a post out or I’m crunched for time or I’m at a loss for words.  Sometimes I put an excerpt…from a poem (I really like poetry) or a song or dialog from a book or movie….because it fits the feel of the picture…or hey, just because.  On average I take about 5 hours, start to finish on a post…from putting a look together to hitting that publish button and getting the pic in Flick’r.  I am totally guilty of not using my raw photo’s, editing is half the fun for me, as is setting up the shot and getting the right pose.  These things are time consuming…but I love doing it.   I started out blogging just for the fun of it…. funny things would happen and I would want to share and be able to revisit them.  It took me a while to get serious (it’s really hard to get serious when you only have 3 people following you and they’re your besties (actually, 1 was my alt….having only 2 people following me seemed sad)), but when I did, I went full steam.  I’ve been at it for a little over 2 years now and I average about 5 posts a week.  I took a blogging class through WordPress and one of the assignments was to write about what your goal was for your blog.  I want to inform…and amuse…and share.  Not especially lofty goals, but their mine and I like them 🙂  If you follow me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope I continue to be worthy of your time.  If you don’t follow me….there’s this little button up to the right that says follow….feel free to press it 🙂 (I’d send you cookies, but that may be weird)

crazy cat lady

Now, on to our regularly scheduled post.  The Liaison Collaborative is bacvk in action and better than ever.  The event opened today and of course has all the spooky you can stand.  So, on my 500th post…I’m dead….and apparently a crazy cat lady.  Infiniti has these awesome dead body poses and they come with the chalk outlines to use or not.  The crazy cat lady chalk outline and pose cracked me up …. and may be hitting a little too close to my SL home right now.  About a month ago I was approached by someone about using some of my pictures in a KittyCats auction.  Not knowing a dayam thing about it, I of course said yes…cause I live on the edge.  I was invited to the auction and insisted my friends accompany me.  We immediately fell in love with the auctioneeress, Nino Heartsdale, who was also the artist that modified my picture.  She is hilariously funny and what started out being a polite “drop in and leave asap” turned into staying the entire time.  We all made plans to go back the next week (the auction is every Saturday @ 10:30 SLT) for the entertainment.  Some of us, I won’t name names (cause that would embarrass Jarath) wound up bidding and winning a kitty (is it winning when you have to pay??).  He also won a kitty as a door prize!  It’s been 5-ish weeks now…we haven’t missed a Saturday.   I nearly piss myself every time Nino calls Darth Mr. Le Dick (his legacy name is ropedick….I know right) or threatens to cane Jarath for distracting her (he brought a cane one week, what does that tell you).  We allll have kittys now (Jo included, she’s our newest crazy cat lady)…hell….Darth and Cinder are now experts on breeding and we stand around like goobers holding them to raise their happiness and love.  I may or may not have counted 20-ish on my blogging platform as of a bit ago, but in my defense, they are not all mine!

The kitties are not the stars of the show though, that would be the equally adorable Nathalie dress by Dead Dollz….do you just love the heart on it!?  The dress and the pose are at TLC, the new Faye skin is at Belleza, the awesome hair by Tableau was at Arcade but is probably now in the store, and the kitties are by KittyCats.  If you feel the need to be totally amused, drop by one Saturday to the auction, you don’t have to bid!  Below is one of my pictures that Nino modified with a kitty for the auction ❤

To recap for those that skimmed down or just got here….this is my 500th post, thanks for reading me, the TLC is open, you should go to a cat auction and I may or may not be a crazy cat lady.

That is all.

KittyCat pic by Nino

Dead Dollz – Nathalie – White Dress @ TLC
. Infiniti . – Crazy Cat Lady Pose and Bodies outline @ TLC
Belleza- Faya sunkissed # 8 skin – NEW in store!
Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Laying – Redheads
KittyCats – Robbie Burns (mine) The toy sized kitty snuggling his pillow by my hair!
KittyCats – Ms Tom Selleck (Jarath’s) The adorable pink one!
KittyCats – Kirby (Jarath’s)
KittyCats – Bonny (mine)
KittyCats – Ruby (mine) The little baby….so cute!
KittyCats – 2nd best (Darth’s) The Firestorm commemorative kitty
KittyCats – Marlana (Jarath’s) The white one that looks like she glows in the dark, her shade is “Illume”
KittyCats – Ian (mine)

The Liaison Collaborative - October - Fright Night. Infiniti . - Bodies - AD

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