The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open and Aphorism is rockin the scene with the Ju-Ju outfit with both male and female versions (yep, pulled out the malt again)!  The fantastic poses with the dark wind blown petal attachments are by Infiniti and are also at the FGC….check out the contact sheet below for a look at… Read More Ju-Ju

A redhead, a brunette and a blonde walk into a cupcake…

Sorry….that’s not really a joke…made it up cause it sounded funny…but ohhhh…wait!  Here’s my favorite blonde joke!  (I’m blonde…I can do this)  Who’s that dead blonde in the closet?  (answer’s at the bottom of the post, but try to guess!) So what do chicks do after a long day of shopping?  Rewards themselves for shopping…duhhh…with cupcakes!!  Everybody… Read More A redhead, a brunette and a blonde walk into a cupcake…

True Love

True love comes in all shapes and forms and no matter what it looks like…if ya love ’em, you’ll let ’em smash cake in your face…at least…you’ll let ’em try.  I was going to do this shot with the zombies cause Jarath said it would be funny…and it would…but I want to do the ice… Read More True Love

No More Candy!

Yummy fun from the Candy Fair!  The adorable couples pose from Infiniti goes perfect with the Sugar Bowl ice cream store pose prop from Exposeur.  The cute store comes with it’s own 10 poses, I’m on # 1 in the closeup pic below.  The candy bag (how cute is that!) by DRD is also from the… Read More No More Candy!


Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moonlight Someone’s thinking of me And loving me tonight “Somewhere out there”  Mmhmm, if you know the song, you know it comes from a Disney movie…..try listening to it and not getting choked up. Given the choice…I would always choose to be moonchild as opposed to a sunchild.  The moon is mystical…magical…revered… Read More Moonchild


It’s no secret that I like a contrast of soft and kick ass.  There’s just something so sexy about hard core femininity…..the mystery of never knowing which side is going to show itself.  Keeps men on edge…makes mundane women green with envy.  There are always those questions….why would she be wearing that beautiful scarf and… Read More Akhan