Keira and Sebastion

Halloween kittys

I don’t have the Catwa mesh head…I know, I know…everybody’s getting it….and because everyone is getting it, skin designers are making appliers for it like crazy.  The newest to hop on board is Belleza with the beautiful Keira applier, made just for the Catwa Head.  When it came out the other day I was so saddened that I would not be able to wear it…and believe me, I did get curious and try the base on….not pretty, don’t do it.  Luckily, my friend Jo is a skin ho (we may have covered this previously) and picked up the applier this morning. She came by to show me all the amazing makeup options at the press of a button and I instantly coerced her into modeling for me…which was hard, cause she really hates getting her picture taken *cough*cough*.  Since she was already sporting the current group gift from Tres Blah, I went all pumpkin-y, pulling out some assorted pumpkins from M.LAW and Bee Designs, both at the Wayward Halloween event.  Jo saw the cats in and on the pumpkins and insisted on having one of her KittyCats in the picture.  We have all been seduced by the dark side, which apparently not only has cookies but kitties also…sneaky bastids.  As I admire Sebastion ( he’s a gorgeous 9t Bengal black with dry olive eyes…he’ll make beautiful babies) I can’t help but wonder why we didn’t put our Halloween kitties in the pic…they are adorable and designed specifically for the occasion…ah well…another time.

Belleza– Keira skin applier # 4, lipstick #2, makeup # 5 w/ freckles for the Catwa mesh head – NEW in store!
Catwa mesh head
Exile– Songbird Hair
Tres Blah – Cropped sweatshirt JackO – current group gift
KittyCats – Sebastion

From Wayward Halloween:
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Gazebo RARE
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Phanton and Pumpkin Decor
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha stump frog decor
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat -Kitten pumpkin RARE
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat-Boo pumpkins with cats
Label Motion – Halloween Balloons w/pose RARE 01


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