Makin’ groceries at the asylum

Trick or treating at Wayward has netted me some great loot for the season and been so much fun.  The sim is set up with adventure in mind and is just wonderful to walk through.  I’ve pulled some gory gear together and gone in search of mayhem (and dinner) at an abandoned asylum.  Why? Cause that’s where a chick with a cleaver would go. Dressed in a skimpy bloody dress, awesome shoes with bloodied socks and equally awesome hair (nice and sparkly clean, thank you), I tiptoe through the asylum and collect even more goodies with the help of my handy dandy cleaver.  So far I’ve “procured” a quite unattractive head and a string of ears …. yummmm.  Add a liver, fava beans, potatoes and gravy and we’re havin’ stew for dinner…with a nice Chianti of course. (2 points if you get the reference!!)

Makin' groceries

So after trick or treating at the Wayward Halloween event, I popped over to the TAG Gacha thingie to see what kind of goodies were to be had there.  Kudo’s to all the designers of that event for the awesome set up and decorations ….and thoughtful gifties too!  Most of the stops had an urn that dispensed a free trick or treat…and there were some really fun collectibles.  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I’ll just tell you this one,  see the bloody legs sticking out from around the corner?  Yeaaaaah….DRD’s trick…or treat (can’t remember which) that is great alone, but actually has a special place in the (Rare) Motel (not spoiling that one), and seriously, you never know when you’re going to need a dead body.  The building I’m using for the shot is the Abandoned Asylum, a secret prize from 22769.  It is beyond awesomely spooky and perfect for rp and/or a ridiculously cool place to furnish and live in.

[DUE] Ondira @ Wayward Halloween
[Cloud] Dawn – The sin dress #9 @ Wayward Halloween
[Cloud] Dawn – Armlets white silver #19 @ Wayward Halloween
[Cloud] Dawn – High sandal with socks RARE @ Wayward Halloween
{Luxuria} #4 Doll Parts – pink cracked porcelain face @ Wayward Halloween
antielle. Beauty Clinic – Nurse Garters (the bloody crosses on the legs) @ Wayward Halloween
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Zombie Head – RARE @ Wayward Halloween
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. ZombieEars  Necklace @ Wayward Halloween
-RC- Stabby Cleaver (bloody) *B* @ Wayward Halloween
Label Motion – Halloween Balloon pose #2 (sorry, just the pose, balloons would have looked silly) @ Wayward Halloween
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Abandoned Asylum (Secret Prize) from TAG gacha
DRD motel – body – trick or treat prize from TAG gacha
[PXL] Aeryn pale makeup 02 skin


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