Moonlight Rendezvous

Moonlight Rendezvous with the kittahz

So….absolutely loving the pastel-y sugar skull thing Boudoir has going on….it makes Halloween a bit more fun and a bit less dark and scary.  The Catrina outfit comes complete with not much of a body, a couple of devoted groupies hanging off the skirt, headpiece, face tattoo and fitted shoes for Slink high feet.  The rest….skeleton, parasol and 3 skulls are from Boudoir also in a gacha machine.  You can’t not love going to the store and wandering through the Halloween section….amazingly fabulous outfits, home &garden and whatnots for the season.

Also exciting…my Halloween kitties had a baby!!  Each year KittyCatS offer specially designed collectible cats with random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat. They can potentially carry the genes of new traits that can only be discovered through breeding.  And yep, new traits are being discovered now!  If you breed 2 special edition kitties they will give you a really cool special baby.  Please divert your attention to the ridiculously adorable 1 day old Tatts, offspring of Casper and Punkin.  He’s tiny right now but he’ll grow big and strong like his daddy soon enough. I did a portrait below for the happy family … stare at it long enough and you will feel the pull.  If you feel like you can’t live without an adorable Halloween KittyCat (or a regular one for that matter), hop over to the main store and adopt today ❤

The Halloween Family

Boudoir  Catrina outfit complete with face makeup and headpiece
Boudoir  Sugar Skull Parasol-touch to start /stop”moving eyes” animation
Boudoir  Sugar Skeleton-touch to start/stop animation
Boudoir  Sugar Skull Large, Medium and Small
Lamb. Treat Her Better Hair, pastels @ N21
:[P]:- Violane- Earrings -Spike SILVER
HPMD* Colored Bush – purple
HPMD* wire grass – light green b
Del May Miss ornamental pose

KittyCats – Pumpkin Pie Kitty – Punkin
KittyCats – BooBerry Kitty – Casper
KittyCats – Cool Special Baby – Tatts

boudoir gachaBoudoir catrina dress

kittycatscreepy kittycats

KittyCatS! - Creepy Collection 2015 - ScaredyTatS - NamesKittyCatS! Creepy Collection 2015 - CostumeParty - Names

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