Rustic Charm

Nature is my garden

The Liaison Collaborative welcomes back The Garden!  This home and decor round started November 7th with the theme “Rustic Charm”.

@ TLC:
Sway’s [Darret] Stone Fireplace
Sway’s [Darret] Stone Fireplace / extension
Sway’s [Darret] Wood frame & Sillhouette
Sway’s [Darret] Fire Poker
[Black Bantam] Binded Rope Acorn String BLights – Fall/Brown
[DDD] Wicker Candle Lantern – Big Round
[DDD] Wicker Candle Lantern – Thin Round
[DDD] Wicker Candle Lantern – Thick Cylinder
[DDD] Wicker Candle Lantern – Thin Curvy
MudHoney Corn Husk Wreath
MudHoney Pumpkin Planks
MudHoney Country Stool
MudHoney Herringbone Welcome Mat
[Toiz] forest container
[Toiz] pumpkin deco
[Toiz] watering can (green)
[Toiz] dead pot
[Toiz] wood fence
[DDD] Moorside Barrel Showerstall @ We Love Role-Play

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