The Bad Ass Koala Crew

Bad Ass Koala Crew

It was a dark and stormy night (not really, it was clear, but I digress already) and the bad ass Koala crew were out looking for a fight.  They had hear rumors of a nefarious giant pumpkin inhabited by evil ghosties, and no doubt, a villainess spider.  With purposeful strides the trio made their way through the haunted woods, intimidating plastic inflatable weapons at the ready and a snack in their handy dandy secret agent backpacks (standard issue for all Koala crews).  The woods were rife with spooky napkin ghosts and each step took the fearless, vertically challenged gangsta heroes into danger.  Danger was their middle name though, and while they appeared completely cuddly and adorable, they were audacious, intrepid, coldblooded ghostie killers hyped up on Oreo’s and chocolate milk.  Be afraid…be very afraid…..

All this and more at The Gacha Garden…go find some adventure  ❤

Props to Darth for thinking up this adventure … his imagination is beyond compare.  He blogged this journey from the front … check it out @ It’s a Man’s World….(when the women let us have it).  Also, thanks to Cinder for bring the humor (and attempting to hit Darth over the head with her blow up bat).

lassitude & ennui Kowala avatar RARE (on the right, Roxi)
darkendStare. Unseelie Wings – Feathered [Snow]
[UN] Pillow Fight! – Zombie Apocalypse Chainsaw
lassitude & ennui Zombie Koala avatar RARE (in the middle, Darth)
[ abrasive ] Quirky Doodle Bear Backpack – Simple
[UN] Pillow Fight! – Zombie Apocalypse Cricket Bat
lassitude & ennui stuffed Koala avatar (Seed of Inspiration) (on the left, Cinder)
TTT – Boss Dino Pack RARE
[UN] Pillow Fight! – Zombie Apocalypse Baseball Bat
Kei’s Fairy Garden Pumpkin (Seed Of Inspiration)
*katat0nik* (white dr ghost) Plague Doctor Gacha RARE
cinphul // boobaes [happy]
cinphul // boobaes [debil] RARE
cinphul // boobaes [dead]
*HEXtraordinary* Meowl Tree – RARE
*HEXtraordinary* Ginger Screech Meowl
*HEXtraordinary* Black Screech Meowl RARE
*HEXtraordinary* Grey Screech Meowl

Gacha Garden Square Logo for Websites __November 2015

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