The Winter Ballroom

The Winter Pavillion

It always amazes me when I see creations from Boudoir.  They are, without exception, always detail oriented, whimsical and breathtaking.  Winter is making its way into SL and right up front is this absolutely beautiful ballroom.  It comes complete with the Christmas tree inside, although it is only soft linked, so you can choose to pick it up and have a wide open space for get together and holiday parties.  Keep in mind how large this build is…see the deer, they’re regular life size…so you could easily fit furniture, decorations and a good 30 people if you had a mind to.  The frosted grass and dandelions trees are also from Boudoir and are too adorable to pass up.  Stop by Boudoir when you have some time to wander around…’s a fascinating sim sized store with just the most amazing creations….you won’t walk out empty handed or disappointed ❤

Boudoir – Winter Ballroom
Boudoir – Winter Dandelions large, medium and small
Boudoir – Frosted grass
Botanical T2C Mesh Firs w Lights

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