The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden

Have you been to The Gacha Garden yet?  if you have, then you understand the vast wonders to be found, if you haven’t…well…you must!  With about 100 designers participating, and some having more than 1 machine, it seems like the winding line of gacha is endless.  Kei delights us with this adorable fairy garden in a wheelbarrow, complete with remote control fairies, marble snails and acorn ladybug houses…so much cuteness to take in!  Astralia is one of the few designers that have 2 gacha machines.  One houses the Warrior fairy collection and the other the Flora collection.  The work beautifully together, giving off a delightful kick ass attitude.  The bow is the Seed of Inspiration for the Warrior set and the scepter for the Flora set.  Remember, the Seed of Inspiration is the special prize you get after 20 plays on a machine…whooot!

I hadn’t pulled out my dolly in a while and it’s been even longer since I had Annabelle the mousie out….but a fairy garden is the perfect place for both.  Notice the adorable wings on Annabelle?  She wanted to be a fairy also, so we resized Cubic Cherry’s tsuki wings and bam….Annabelle’s a fairy…life is good ❤

All this and more @ The Gacha Garden

Kei’s Fairy Garden Wheelbarrow
Kei’s Fairy Garden Boat Ride (RARE)
Kei’s Fairy Garden House  (RARE)
Kei’s Fairy Garden Lady Birdhouses
Kei’s Fairy Garden Snails
Kei’s Fairy Garden Stones Tiny
Kei’s Fairy Garden Flowerpot Seat 1
Kei’s Fairy Garden Flowerpot Seat 2
Kei’s RC Fairy (yellow)
Kei’s RC Fairy (white)
Kei’s RC Fairy (red)
Kei’s RC Fairy (purple)
+Pepper+ :: Changing Seasons :: Autumn Squirrel
+Pepper+ :: Changing Seasons :: Blankie Fox (under the wheelbarrow)
+Pepper+ :: Changing Seasons :: Autumn Birdhouse
Astralia – Warrior Fairy (bow SOI)
Astralia – Warrior Fairy wings RARE R
Astralia –  Warrior Fairy (horns)
Astralia –  Warrior Fairy (light quiver)
Astralia –  Warrior Fairy (quiver arrows)
Astralia – Flora set SCEPTRE (soi)
Astralia – Flora set COLLAR (rare)
Astralia – Flora set BRA (rare)
Astralia – Flora set PANTIES (rare)
Astralia – Flora set – Hair Flower (yellow)
Astralia – Flora set Bracelet L (yellow)
01{Tsuki} wings gold .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE
Lamb. Treat Her Better Hair
[Manticore] Annabelle B

Del May  Black Rain pose

Gacha Garden Square Logo for Websites __November 2015Kei's Fairy Garden Gacha Key



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