The Carriage Ride

Cinderella meets Princess & the Pea. That’s how Kei describes her limited edition princess carriage available at the soon to open Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Sadly the Fairy Godmother hasn’t shown up to turn Annabelle the mousie or Cait the kitty into swift white steeds yet…so it may be a loooong ride.  Luckily the carriage is… Read More The Carriage Ride

Bon Appetit

More yumminess from the Xiasumi School Festival.  8f8 rolled sushi!  Ibi is freaking incredible when it comes to imagination and quality….the soup has steam rising from it and looks so good you can almost smell it.  There are 13 commons and 3 rares…and all look yummier than the next.  I’m a huge fan and have… Read More Bon Appetit

The Apprentice

That old sorcerer has vanished And for once has gone away! Spirits called by him, now banished, My commands shall soon obey. Every step and saying That he used, I know, And with sprites obeying My arts I will show. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1779) Well tomorrow is a big day! … Read More The Apprentice


It’s no secret that I like a contrast of soft and kick ass.  There’s just something so sexy about hard core femininity…..the mystery of never knowing which side is going to show itself.  Keeps men on edge…makes mundane women green with envy.  There are always those questions….why would she be wearing that beautiful scarf and… Read More Akhan