Granny gets her revenge

Grandma got run over by a reindeer,
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve,
You can say there’s no such thing as Santa,
But as for me and Grampa, we believe
She’d been drinkin too much egg-nog,
And we’d begged her not to go,
But she’d forgot her medication
And she staggered out the door into the snow
When we found her Christmas morning,
At the scene of the attack,
She had hoof prints on her forehead,
And incriminating Claus marks on her back
Granny gets her Revenge
Started out doing a snowman picture, innocent enough right?  I had Sway’s Snow Friends out and had just popped Boudoir’s Snowman avatar on to show everybody.  The snowman comes with an awesome AO and I was dancing away, singing “I’m sexy and I know it” ….Darth, Jarath and Cinder were laughing at me (I didn’t care) when Darth had an epiphany.  He started yelling and saying “ohhh my gooood!’ over and over (I almost got uncomfortable….almost).  “What if we do a pic with the Con car and the drunk Santa avie from Abranimations Advent calendar hitting Rudolf…you have a dead deer right Rox??!!”  That’s all it took.  I went to bed and he stayed up late and got up early setting everything up..possessed like a madman.  I came home from work yesterday and there it was, a gruesomely funny scene ready for it’s close up.  He tried using the drunk Santa for the pic, but he was too small….so granny was called in…and she’s perfect…and how come that knife looks so natural in her hands?  So here we have it….Granny getting her revenge with her 2 snowmen accomplices. Darth’s picture is hilarious and from a different perspective, you can see it here on his blog, It’s a Man’s World, and be prepared to laugh your ass off ❤
Since I mentioned the Abranimations Advent calendar, click on the link and head over…super cute stuffs!  You have to join the group, but it’s so worth it!! ❤


Boudoir – Mister Snowman Avatar
Del May Got it Covered pose

The Secret Store – Granny avatar
Del May Chariot pose

Sway’s – Christmas tree (A) traditional
Little Branch – LB_Conifier.v1{Winter} @ FaMESHed
LB_Conifier.v2{Seasons} @ FaMESHed
LB_Conifer.v3{Seasons} @ FaMESHed
Little Branch – LB_Grass1l{Winter}
Ultimate Weather – Best Snow
Heart’s – Full Moon
Turnip – Sky Dome
Skye – Rustic Road
unKindness – Winter Picket Fence Segment 2 @ FaMESHed
Crackberry~Christmas Signs Poser!
i-Reckon – itsa Road Kill Deer w/o flies
Consignment – [Con.] Tilbury Roadster – 30 play surprise prize @ The Arcade
8f8– 01_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Granny’s Cottage RARE
Sway’s [Snow Friend] I’m happy . A (c) @ The Arcade



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