ice ice baby

With apologies to Vanilla Ice ❤

ice ice baby

I had a Cory Hart song in my head all last night (not that that’s a totally bad thing) that was instantly replaced when I saw the name of these CerberusXing creations (now out at We ❤ RP) were called ice nails and ice horns..get it…ice ice.  Now I need another song to replace this one…cause … dayam.

Anyhooo, We Love Role-Play opened yesterday with yummy stuffs, a hunt and free holiday gifties from the creators.  Win Win all the way around.  The Kiwi hair from Ayashi and the Disclosure tat from White-Widow are also available there.  Once you’ve wandered through…and it’ll take some time….hop over to Belleza and try on Amber, the newest skin made for this round of MIX.  If you have a LOGO head, there is also an applier for this skin at Winter Trend

[CX] Ice Nails ( Maitreya Size 10 ) @ We Love Role-Play
[CX] Ice Horns @ We Love Role-Play
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Kiwi hair @ We Love Role-Play
[White-Widow] Disclosure tattoo @ We Love Role-Play
Belleza– Amber fair skin #1 for MIX
Del May – Checkmate pose

White Widow - Disclosurewe love rp new logo

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