New Beginnings

The Arcade opened a few days ago, and with it came the ever popular “Arcade only” yardsales….which I have to tell you, are such an enjoyable way to shop for all those must haves as well as a great way to sell off your extra’s.  We’ve hopped around to all the good ones since opening day and they all have 1 thing in common…a mountain of 8f8’s collection “New Beginnings”.  Gacha peeps and novices both are playing the hell out of that machine, all in the hopes of scoring the rare cottage, the amazingly cool beekeepers truck, those adorable little chicks swimming in the bucket or perhaps the entire set.  Have you EVER come across an 8f8 collection that you didn’t love?  No, no you haven’t (don’t lie).  New Beginnings is no different than 8f8’s previous collections…the attention to detail is incredible, the skill, talent and love that goes into every little piece is evident.  Start your collection today if you haven’t already ❤

Everything in the picture, with the exception of the landscaping, is part of the New beginnings collection…..and this isn’t even all of it!  The amazingly realistic apple tree’s are from Little Branch, they were at Lost & Found this past round and can now be found on the Marketplace, along with the ever useful wild grass ❤

Now for props!  A big wet thanks to Darth for setting everything up.  As it happens, just days before The Arcade opened, my friend Dax came inworld after a long absence and asked if I wanted his land for 1L.  It’s right next my beach on Sanctuary…we’ve been neighbors for almost 6 years…gorgeous oceanfront property.  Hell yes I wanted it…for a freaking linden!  Within days of acquiring the new land Darth was out there terraforming and landscaping.  He couldn’t wait to put the New Beginnings collection down on new land…so fitting ❤

If you have a want to see the collection in world, here’s a lm to the new land, Sanctuary by the Sea

New Beginnings

The Arcade Gacha
01_8f8 – New Beginnings – Cottage Cairn’s Haven RARE
02_8f8 – New Beginnings – Windmill RARE
03_8f8 – New Beginning – Old Rusty RARE
04_8f8 – New Beginnings – Ruins
05_8f8 – New Beginnings – The Gate
06_8f8 – New Beginnings – Fence 1,2,3
07_8f8 – New Beginnings – Chicken Coop
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Milk Containers
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheelbarrow
09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Ladder
09_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheels
14_8f8 – New Beginnings – First Swim
17_8f8 – New Beginnings – Geese
18_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hen Set
19_8f8 – New Beginnings – Baby Goose
19_8f8 – New Beginnings – Chicken 1,2
Little Branch – AppleTree.V2
Little Branch -WildGrass*1Li{Autumn}
Little Branch -WildGrass*1Li{Dry}
Little Branch -WildGrass*1Li{Green}
Little Branch -WildGrass*1Li{Lavender}
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown
Skye Scots Pine Forest Just Trees
[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush
Botanical – Dirt Road





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