Skin Fair 2016

Skin Fair 2016

One of my favorite yearly events is right around the corner.  The Skin Fair 2016, presented by Pale Girl Productions & October’s 4 Seasons (event partner), opens this Friday.  This year the event is sponsored by Skin Addiction, Entice, Clef de Peau, 7 Deadly Skins, AlterEgo, Genesis Lab, Sinful Needs, & Delux Body Factory.

Some things to know:

– Event dates: March 11 – March 27
– Every store will showcase new and exclusive Skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts
– There will be a strict low script policy enforced
– The Sims are PG so please make sure all private parts are covered (dammit)

Doors will open March 11 at 12:01am SLT. The location will be announced at a later time. It is sure to be the event of the year so don’t miss it!

Ironically, I used to be one of those people that had the same skin on for years…since 2009.  Redgrave Vivian in tan.  I loved the face so much I bought the shape, eyes and lashes from the advert in the store.  Not cheap either, I think I paid around 8 or 900L  just for the skin…and that was back then!  Mae used to bug me constantly to try on other skins but I was adamant about never changing my face.  I held to that for probably 4 years..then one day I saw a face at Glam Affair for 50L Friday and I fell in love.  It’s like cheap crack….they start you off cheap, like it’s no big deal…you can always go back.  Couple more Friday sales, skins at the Arcade…50 to 100L a pop.  It’s all good cause your safe, comfortable skin is still there in the inventory…you can quit the other skins at any time…tomorrow maybe.  It’s a vicious downwind spiral after that.  I am officially a skin ho now, I can’t stop and I laugh at the 12 step programs.  I want to approach everybody over a year old with awful skin and pass them a spare Arcade skin.  I wanna be the cheap crack dealer on the skin corner, recruiting fresh ho’s to the cult.  I spend weeks wandering through the Skin Fair picking up demo’s and drooling.  Trying on demo’s and drooling.  Just drooling.  Come drool with me, I’ll be the skin pimp standing on the corner telling everyone how good that demo looks on them.

So my first skin to preview for the Fair is from WoW.  Yasmine is the dewy exclusive that WoW brings to the Fair, with milk, bronze, cafe, golden and dark tan shades, all with an omega applier for 799L.  There is also a lipstick set that perfectly matches the tones for 300L.  I’ve been in a pale mood all winter, so I chose the milk tone …. absolutely gorgeous! ❤

Skin Fair 2016 full

Aphorism has some beyond gorgeous chick boots out at Tres Chic right now.  The Laced Knee Boots come in 5 colors – black, brown, pale brown, pale grey & sand and have standard,  Maitreya, Slink Physique/Hourglass and fitted sizes.

We Love Role-Play opened the other day and is still nicely crowded.  You can pick up the newest Entwined hairdo, Elaine, a long, beautiful sleek ‘do that goes with anything.  You can’t not love any hair from Entwined.

Lastly, The Liaison Collaborative opened today…yayyyyy!  My background is actually a picture from Kalopsia available at TLC this round.  Even better…it’s a gift!  My pose is from an lar, pose maker extraordinaire, from one of 3 sets you can pick up.  Hard to believe, but TLC turns 3 this month and they are celebrating with gifts from the designers.  Stop by soon…peruse the goodies and pick up some gifties ❤

WoW Skins – Yasmine (milk) for The Skin Fair (coming soon)
.Entwined. Elaine @ We Love Role-Play
KL Couture – Sophia earrings
~Tantalum~ Violette Ring
=Zenith=spring sweater with skirt (Rose) Fitted / Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby
!APHORISM! Laced Knee Boots @ Tres Chic (till March 10th)
Kalopsia – Color Landscape Painting (Gift) @ TLC
an lar The Dahlia Series Pose #6 @ TLC

Skin Fair Poster 2016 FINAL SQUARE - FINAL

The Liaison Collaborative - March - 3rd Birthday!

!APHORISM! Laced knee Boots AD

we love rp new logo

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