Da vinci’s Demon

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

Leonardo Da vinci

Davinci's Demon cropped


Skin Fair is officially open folks…go scoop up some demos and spend quality time test driving them.  This happens to be one of my favorite pastimes actually, propped up on a pose stand and trying out demo’s, so I have been quite the happy camper these past days.  My current skin is from JUMO and I added the black eyeliner and eyelashes that came with the skin…..gorgeous ❤

Davinci's Demon

The amazing…truly amazing….Da Vinci’s Demons wings are Bauhaus Movement and can be found at The Liaison Collaborative.  They come with all the burning pieces and parts as separate attachments, so wear or wear not.  The detail is simply stunning…the textures equally so….truly a must have for wing aficionados ❤

Along with being a wing and skin ho, I am also a well known hair and hair accessory ho.  The beautiful hair is new from Argrace, a long sweeping onesided ‘do that is just so perfect in grey tones.  It’s also perfect with the Eindride wreath from The Plastik.  I actually have 2 of the wreaths on, the black and the white, I just couldn’t decide ❤

You can find the Storybook Primp dress out at Shiny Shabby as well as the 8 bits cross necklace from Bauhaus ❤

The Conjuring tattoo from White Widow….loooove…..is at the current round of We Love Role-Play….do you not love every tattoo this woman designs!?

Finally….the Fire pose is an oldie but goodie from Roquai Poses.  She has always had just the most amazing poses and this particular one fit perfectly! ❤


Bauhaus Movement – Da Vinci’s Demons Wings @ TLC
The Plastik – Eindride Wreath [Full]:// Noir and Heaven
Storybook – Primp – Grey – Maitryea @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – 8 Bits Cross – Female BLACK/GOLD @ Shiny Shabby
[White-Widow] Conjuring tattoo, silver @ We Love Role-Play
.:JUMO:. Devon Skin, Pale w/ black eyeliner and twiggy eyelashes for Skin Fair 2016
Roquai Poses – The 4 Elements: Fire Pose

Skin Fair Poster 2016 FINAL SQUARE - FINAL

White Widow - Conjuring

The Liaison Collaborative - March - 3rd Birthday!

we love rp new logo

we love rp new logo


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