For with each dawn, she found new hope that someday, her dreams of happiness would come true…   Cinderella

Cinderella cropped

Skin Fair 2016 opened yesterday (packed by the way) and the wonder begins.  Many peeps were doing the walkthrough; window shopping and picking up demos .  Another favorite from the fair so far is one of the exclusive tattoo’s from White-Widow.  Notorious comes in white, henna and black with all the appliers you’ve come to expect.  It’s always an adventure when a popular event opens…. speaking of which…The Secret Affair is set to swing open its gates once again to the theme Wonderous Woods  in mere days…so it’s time to start getting excited!  First item out the gate is the gorgeous Victorienne jewelry set from The Plastik … romance taken to another level.  With so many pieces and a hud with options out the wazoo…you just can’t go wrong.

Also, some newness to share ❤  Boudoir just put a new gown, Cinderella, in the store.  Cinderella comes in cream, pink and blue and can be worn with or without the roses.  To complete the romance, the new hairdo is Emi, from Argrace.  Emi is a long ‘do with the top pulled up into a knot.  Disclaimer # 1 … the side swept bangs do not come with Emi, they belong to Argrace’s Hitomi ‘do…I love them so much I couldn’t resist pairing ❤


So, yeah…I have to admit…I’m one of those people who don’t always read the notecard that comes in the packs.  For this picture I popped on the mesh head from GA.EG, Kirsten…..sooo pretty.  I put everything else on, posed took the pics, edited them and started getting info together.  That’s when I opened the notecard and saw that the head wasn’t actually the item for sale at the Skin Fair, they just included the demo so you can see what the makeup and eyes look like.  The exclusive items are actually eyeshadow, lipstick and eyes that are addon’s for the mesh head.  Disclaimer #2 … that’s a demo head I’m wearing and  Disclaimer #3 … I’m too lazy to reshoot and edit the whole scene, so I put the exclusives on and did another shot.  As it turns out, it was well worth it ❤

notorious with makeup

Boudoir – Cinderella Dress in cream NEW
:[P]:- Victorienne Circlet:// Golden For The Secret Affair (coming soon)
:[P]:- Victorienne Earring [L-Long]:// Golden For The Secret Affair (coming soon)
:[P]:- Victorienne Fem Cord [Choker]:// Golden For The Secret Affair (coming soon)
:[P]:- Victorienne Fem Cord [Med]:// Golden For The Secret Affair (coming soon)
:[P]:- Victorienne Ring:// Golden For The Secret Affair (coming soon)
GA.EG Kirsten Mesh Head @ The Skin Fair
GA.EG Sweet Dreams eyes @ The Skin Fair
GA.EG Metallica lipstick @ The Skin Fair
GA.EG Lux eyeshadow @ The Skin Fair
[White-Widow] Notorious tattoo @ The Skin Fair
Del May – Whim pose


White Widow - Notorious

cinderella ad

Skin Fair Poster 2016 FINAL SQUARE - FINAL

Secret Affair Logo

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