The Moo Life

The Moo Life

When Frannie was 5 and in kindergarten, she was expounding on the differences between carnivores and herbivores.  “Carnivores eat meat, like me (I didn’t feel the need to explain omnivores to her at the time) and herbivores eat grass and stuff , like you” ( I’m a vegetarian and I most certainly do not eat grass…but I digress). She goes on to share her newfound knowledge by giving me examples and connecting them to us (pretty high order thinking for a 5 yr old), “so I’m like a tiger and you’re like a cow”.  That’s where the high order thinking went downhill fast….but I love the chick so I let her keep her teeth, although I did tell her that if she ever compared me to a cow again all bets were off.  She just turned 12 and every opportunity she gets she buys me cow print stuff as a running joke, in fact the other day she had been to the dollar store and found cow print hand towels for the restroom and bought them for me. Arrgggg!  Ask me if I want all kinds of cow kitschy stuff (not so much).  They’re nice enough animals when in their natural environment (which is a ranch or a farm, not a corporate machine) and kinda cute…at least the happy ones in those commercials are.  I’m not anti-cow….as a matter of fact I am a huge fan of leather and milk products…. I just never saw what other people did in cow inspired clothing/furniture/accessories/ etc.. .till recently that is.

There is this phenomenon called KittyCats in SL, perhaps you’ve heard of it.  KittyCats are breedables…adorable kitty breedables that hook you from the 1st kitty….till soon enough you find your house overrun with them. As with all things, some types of kitties are very popular, some….not so much.  One of the more popular furs is the Chateau Black & White #1, affectionately nicknamed the Moo Kitty.  The Moo Kitty looks just like you’d think, and honestly, I never understood why people went gaga over them….till Kei sent me this living room set that is.  Cow inspired, pink, oil barrel furniture.  Holy cow it’s adorable!  I pulled it all out and the first thing Darth said was “omg, you have to put a moo kitty in the shot”.  I don’t have a moo kitty, so he promptly went and found me one.  As soon as the kitty was birthed…right there on the cow print pouf…he looked up at me and blinked.  I fell in love.  So much so that Jarath is scared that in a few weeks time the place will be crawling with baby moo’s.  We even decided on a heroic moo themed name.  Jarath suggested the name Mooby Dick…and since Darth found him, we went with Mooby L’Dick, as L’Dick is his nickname amongst the KittyCats community (it’s an affectionate term, believe me).  Then of course, Mooby needed a moo buddy….. so we also now have Ferdinand… a brave moo if there ever was one.  So yeah,  there is hope for the most jaded non-cow fans … I’m proof of that ❤

Kei’s oil barrel living room set is just so adorable, not to mention so well made.  You can toggle the drums to switch between a fresh paint job and a rusty one.  The set will be available tomorrow at Lost & Found…one of my new favorite events ❤

Wanna get hooked on KittyCats?  Pop over to the main store and pick up a starter pair.  If you want a specific kind of kitty, pop over to a sim that sells already traited kitties like the ScratchN Post and shop till you drop ❤

Kei’s Oil Drum Sofa @ Lost & Found (opening tomorrow, the 22nd)
Kei’s Pallet Table @ Lost & Found
Kei’s Oil Drum Pouf @ Lost & Found
Kei’s Pallet Decor @ Lost & Found
Kei’s Flower Vase @ Lost & Found
8f8 – Milk Bottles – GIFT
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Milk Can with Branches
:HAIKEI: Warm&Natural / Gacha {RARE}skybox
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Daisy the Cow 2

ND/MD Cuties (Sasha tan *A*) full MESH BODY @ The Skin Fair
TOTSIPOP! TOT Baby Cow Onsie off The Marketplace
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Akemi hair

KittyCats – Mooby L’Dick (both found on the mp – just put in moo kitty as the search term)
KittyCats – Ferdinand

Del May Pit Stop pose

Kei's Oil Drum Living Room - BOXED



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