It’s Arcade time people!  I was out of town for the opening..hanging with my favorite mouse in Florida…so I missed all of the hullabaloo.  I’m totally okay with that though, cause I’m really more of a yardsale girl.  I loooove going and just seeing what everyone has out…and I almost always get everything I want that way… and some things that I didn’t even know I wanted!  I’ll pop in to the actual Arcade when the crowd dies down and play a couple machines just for the fun of it and see if I get a rare or two.  Usually I like the commons more than the rares, cause I’m weird that way, but I’ll tell ya…I really, really love the rare trapeze artist costume from Reverie’s Carnivale Collection and couldn’t wait to put it on.  Darth had the collection and was setting up for his shot and offered to let me take a shot also…  yayyyy.  I’m thinking all adorable and lighthearted fun at the circus…. Darth was thinking about how many people to kill and evil clowns….. guess who won?  I can’t wait to see what his picture comes out looking like, I’ll put a link when he’s done! ❤

{Reverie}#2 – Trapeze Artist Costume – Maitreya – RARE @ The Arcade

ARM – The Grotesque Clown! (1)

{Reverie} ‘The Carnivale Collection’ @ The Arcade (50L per play)
Flecha Tent CIRCUS RARE from The Gacha Garden
Neon Circus Sign – Glimmer Moon
ARM – The Grotesque Clown! (2)
FATEplay Prop – Chef Knife (HD)(bloody)
i-Reckon Severed Light Soldiers Head ( Modded and added to the Head in Hole Nightmare)





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